Able Disable All People Together

Since the inception of mankind, many lacs have suffered from different types of physical handicaps (today about 600 million people suffer from such handicaps), but many of them overcame all kinds of handicaps and achieved distinctions in various fields. Sarah Bernhardt – French actress was disabled by a knee injury. Her leg was amputated in 1914 but she continued to work on stage until just before her death. Beethoven was deaf when he composed his 9th symphony. Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Nelson Rockefeller, George Washington and many others had learning disability. Stevie Wonder who was blinded during his childhood became a world famous pianist and singer. Brail, who was blind, had the distinction of inventing script for the blind. With the aid of brail script, a large number of physically handicapped (blind) made tremendous achievement in life. Dr. Hellen Keller who was blind became an international figure because despite her handicap, she discovered the world through her finger tips. Her achievements of difficult goals and her loving kindness made her life an inspiration for countless people all over the world. Soordas and Milton, both of whom were blind made poetry great by their brilliance and richness of thoughts and language. Edison, a great scientist and inventor was deaf. Byron, a great poet of England and Taimoor Leng, Mangolian warrior were lame. Maharaja Ranjit Singh, a great warrior and administrator was handicapped in eye sight. Mr. Mukat Behari Lal, who became blind at a young age, acquired phenomenal memory and argued cases after cases with extraordinary brilliance.”

Hon’ble Judges G.S. Singhvi and A.K. GangulyPritilalta Nanda, (2010) 11 SCC 674.

Helen Keller has described these phenomena in the following words: “Some people see a closed door and turn away. Others see a closed door, try the knob and if it doesn’t open, they turn away. Still others see a closed door, try the knob and if it doesn’t work, they find a key and if the key doesn’t fit, they turn way. A rare few see a closed door, try the knob, if it doesn’t open and they find a key and if it doesn’t fit, they make one!

Hon’ble Judges A.K. Sikri and R.K. AgrawalJeeja Ghosh, [Writ Petition (Civil) No. 98 of 2012].

The mental disability impairs ability of persons to comply with workplace standards in comparison to their able-bodied counterparts.

Hon’ble Judges Dr. D.Y. Chandrachud, Surya Kant and Vikram Nath, Ravinder Kumar Dhariwal, [Civil Appeal No.6924 of 2021] decided on 17.12.2021.

These rare persons we have to find out”.