Gambling on Cricket I

Most games played just for fun can also be played for money. Several lawyers, including the one with 29.3K Followers [Twitter], paid ample respect and just respect to a game developed on IPL. Simply put, one had to predict who would win a cricket match, decorating the prediction with a percentage between 51 and 100. An esteemed Eashan Ghosh calculated the accuracy, as per the Brier scoring system. Mr. Ghosh, phenomenal in his Intellectual Property Law expertise, is a fair man.

A friend allowed me to support him. The developments on our game is now history. I show here the results of the top 27 players – some week, when my name deserved attention.


How long can one gamble on IPL if there is no money or gold medal to win? 3 weeks? I chose to let go by decorating irresponsible predictions with 100%. Thus, I also licked spot numbers 11, 12, 24, 27, 31, 34 and 35.

On a good Sunday night, I remembered that a true sportsman does not crib about money. Unbeatable for 5 games, I finished on Rank 21 with the friend. Observe if interested. 34 wins was a travel… that most have missed.