आओ कभी हवेली पे

The Ticket

Even amidst realizations of minor privileges, one may still pray for safety. It’s certainly not the first thought to strike you when being driven around by a trustworthy friend in a Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaf car. I had a ticket for Seat No. 1D, bought with an additional expense of Rs. 1000/-, in my hand. Two privileges already. However, even listening to “कहते आये हम तो फ़रवरी से, निकलो कभी डार्लिंग चंदेरी से, तनिक आओ कभी हवेली पे..”, while on way to T3 [IGI Airport, New Delhi], wasn’t causing the slightest enthusiasm for travel. I was chosen for the wrong fashion show. Fashion ShowThere wasn’t anything correct. The first question was about Aaroygya Setu! The second was about keeping my belt, watch, laptop, phone, soul in an old, grey tray! The third proved entertainment survives, come what may. EntertainmentI was to head towards the specified boarding gate [Gate No. 50]. Amongst 350, who I spotted en route, 4, exclusively, were dressed like me! Indigo was gifting white bathrobes, to middle-seat passengers. Surely, masks and face-shields for everyone. But, no gloves. The face-shield colored everything a hazy blue. GlovesDoes destiny reward? Something happened. There was no one in the middle-seat! It was the only empty middle-seat. Unfortunately, live-reporters aren’t documenting live-action with scheduled tweets. I can swear on the fact, when your body and mind are finally interstellar you shall let out a hundred days in one breath. “Here I come, but I ain’t the same…I’m coming home.”The CarNobody even remotely asked for the ‘Self Health Declaration Form’. On landing, I decided to check-in at Marriott, Kolkata for Rs. 5000/- per night. The journey from a friendly BMW to a paid-for Innova! It’s best to be quarantined at Marriott. This morning while having coffee, it rained.MorningIn March, 2020 a life-long friend had bought me a ticket which had to be changed continuously due to lock-down extensions. It’s for the belief, astrological and emotional support etc., and the world is in ‘etc.’, that I can finally say, ” आ गया.. देखो ना आ गया..”

There are not many working in multiple cities, especially if they are law-related enthusiasts. My love is not merely confined to a small house, on a small road, in a small city. Insanity aside, I am not a Corona-Protected-Plane-Virgin!