Collective Maintenance of Absolute Silence

A ‘group of 34’ gathered in a public park to analyze their new-found hobby of collectively maintaining absolute silence for two hours, each day of one astrologically-permissible week. Of course, curiosity arose. There were those who wished to break the silence and there were those too who joined in, just to see where it all leads to. After completion of the ‘two hours’, the 34 returned to their respective lives. A private investigator was appointed. The investigation produced the following results – i) the ‘group of 34’ aren’t strangers; ii) they haven’t discussed anything electronically or physically, for the last six days; iii) when asked, the answer has always been, ‘we are exploring our new-found hobby’. After the last ‘two hours’ on the seventh day, someone announced, ‘let’s meet at mine, after dark, to celebrate our thoughts on this exercise; nobody else is invited’.

We just wasted 14 hours and a little more’; ‘It gave me perspective’; ‘It was tough not to talk or engage at all beyond that exploration’; ‘Why should we continue? The result is indeterminate’; ‘The spirit of a union isn’t unknown’; ‘Let’s have an agenda’; ‘I would have preferred to spend 14 hours in a sleep-cycle’; ‘Can we agree on something further?’; ‘Good night!

The fresh week saw no collective maintenance of absolute silence at the pubic park. It was assumed, the water, pure or impure, had evaporated. It hadn’t. The ‘group’ travelled to another country, two months later and re-enacted the exercise…

They have a lot of money’; ‘We have no clue what they analyzed’; ‘Let it be; Let’s just report because it is interesting and occupies minimal space in our sheet’; ‘They must have enjoyed the country after’; ‘I do know they did’; ‘Seriously lucky.

A year later, a newspaper was contacted for an advertisement.

Collective Maintenance of Absolute Silence, Invitation

Come to Australia! We shall be happy to collaborate and have a fulfilling journey. We are 34. We shall choose 34 more. All expenses shall be equally divided. Do remember, two hours, each day, in the first week of our fourteen day trip, shall be devoted to collectively maintaining absolute silence in a public park, chosen by unanimous vote. We hope to choose you.”

Australia – Austria – South Korea were all success stories. Every life isn’t meant to be complicated. Simplicity was at its best for four years. The numbers had increased from 34 to 68 to 102! Any further increment was put on hold.

I am enjoying this”; “Where do we go next?”; “Insta is crazy”; “We can’t keep increasing”; “The act of doing nothing, and everything”; “I have an idea!

The ‘group of 102’ decided on a clever move. They filed an immaculately drafted SLP before SCI. It was written, “We shall not say a word beyond what is submitted in this SLP, praying for justice. Petitioner No. 14 shall appear in person and shall bow down before Hon’ble Judges for what they consider and feel correct to conclude.

Last heard, CMoAS was on way to Hallargarðurinn.


Perhaps, 102 maintaining absolute silence at a public park isn’t a notable event. It is true, neither were they all dressed the same nor were they all standing or sitting. There was certainly a pattern in their assemblage. But, this pattern was no way more profound than those who meet to play a sport. It must be admitted, it is tough for a ‘group’ to retain their structure. But it isn’t shocking to imagine. Unknown to us, several like us occupy lives just as we do – with irrelevant dissimilarities here and there.

The SLP had met subtle success and at this point bore no importance further than the ‘group’, apart from travelling and respecting a minimal agreement, had also, as a ‘group’, contributed to advancing, howsoever minimally too, a cause of justice. Last heard, CMoAS was on way to Hallargarðurinn. An orchestra at play.

It interested me a couple of days back. In 1986, an elderly couple were murdered at W-Block, Greater Kailash. For long it was claimed, W-3 is haunted. I don’t know the murderer or whether the spirits were actually heard. The haunted house has now been made habitable and has been bought. I wonder who all chose it!

Well, there are so many murder-palaces at Mumbai and, haunted or not haunted, they are all occupied. Did supernatural forces get us together? Did spirits actually call the occupants? That spirits exist cannot be disputed.”

One time, Bobby Fischer did not want to go to Iceland. And then he just could not leave! We have just begun. This hasn’t even witnessed a decade of existence. Please don’t imagine our last journey, already.”

I have the chits! You are actually carrying all the books? Pick one! Let’s find what you shall read this trip. See, what I got!” 

The Book