Non-Communicated File Notings

“It is the admitted position that after the personal hearing took place on 30.07.2011, no decision was passed on the objections submitted by the land-owners, either allowing or disallowing their objections; nor was any communication sent to them. It is abundantly clear that in the absence of an order being passed as contemplated by Section […]

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Non-Signatories to Arbitration II

Arbitration Agreements need not be a formal contract. Section 7(4)(b) states that an Arbitration Agreement can be derived from exchange of letters, telex, telegram or other means of communication, including through electronic means. What is required to be ascertained is the intention of the parties to refer their disputes or differences to Arbitration. The intention […]

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Blood of Human Origin

Not all crimes are perfectly investigated. SC was recently evaluating the possibility of releasing Former Panachayat Chairman Balwan Singh, accused of murder [Balwan Singh v. State of Chattisgarh, Criminal Appeal No. 727 of 2015]. Learned Senior Counsel, Shri Sanjay Hegde successfully argued for Balwan. Delay in recording statements of eye-witnesses need not necessarily raise suspicion. […]

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The Sword of Adverse Possession

My Lord, A plaintiff claiming title by adverse possession can maintain a suit under Article 65 of The Limitation Act, 1963 for declaration of title? Yes. Historically, adverse possession is a pretty old concept of law. It is a useful but an often-criticized concept. It is a hostile possession, clearly asserting hostile title in denial […]

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Per Incuriam II

“When a Court ignores the binding precedent of a Larger Bench, the Judgment so delivered is held to be per incuriam and has no precedential value. The principle of per incuriam has been developed by the English Courts in relaxation of the rule of stare decisis. In practice per incuriam is per ignoratium. See, Paragraph […]

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The Revival of Ray XXIV

“Justice Krishna Iyer delivered a concurring opinion in Sushil Kumar Sen v. State of Bihar, (1975) 1 SCC 774, expressing a thought process which would be of significant relevance to the issue in hand. “The humanist rule that procedure should be the handmaid, not the mistress, of legal justice compels consideration of vesting a residuary […]

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Review of Death Penalty XIV

While evaluating mitigating circumstances, brutality of the crime should never be lost sight of. Perhaps, that is the lesson taught by Hon’ble Justice R.F. Nariman. _____ “The entire chain of events has been made out and despite this being a case of circumstantial evidence, the prosecution has clearly proved its case beyond reasonable doubt. The […]

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