I, Eye-Witness

Md. Aziz Ali, Md. Kutub Ali, Md. Mamud Ali and Samir Ali, fast asleep in their home in the early hours of the morning, oblivious to their imminent fate, were mercilessly murdered in a barbaric manner by the armed accused, without any instigation or provocation. The incident took place at about 6.00 a.m. on 9.11.1995. […]

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Tiny Habits of Police Investigation

In a true sense, The Detective Diaries is a continuation of his first book, Murder in the City. Discerning readers will spot changes in investigative techniques. I wish you a thrilling literary journey ahead. – Rajeev Kumar, Commissioner of Police, Kolkata [20/12/2018]. _____ At various stages of writing, I have received invaluable help from colleagues, […]

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Referred to Larger Bench XV: Gracious Compassion

Original Scheme – Appointment on Compassionate Grounds Substituted Scheme – Ex Gratia Payment ________ State Bank of India, (2010) 11 SCC 661 + MGB Gramin Bank, (2014) 13 SCC 583 Governing Scheme: Original Scheme or Substituted Scheme? Answer/Principle: ‘Inconsistent’, ‘Irreconcilable’. Canara Bank, (2007) 9 SCC 571 ________ “Hon’ble Chief Justice of India CONSTITUTE Bench of […]

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Referred to Larger Bench XIV Answered: 2 Gunny Bags of Charas

My Lord, Informant-Investigating Officer? “The principle of fair trial now informs and energizes many areas of the law. Societal interest mandates that Mohan Lal cannot be allowed to become a spring board for being catapulted to acquittal, irrespective of all other considerations. If the facts in Mohan Lal were telling with regard to the prosecution, the facts […]

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