Document Thefts

“One of the foremost components of theft is that the subject matter of the theft needs to be a “moveable property”; “moveable property” is defined in Section 22, IPC which includes a corporeal property of every description. It is beyond doubt that a document is a “moveable property” within the meaning of Section 22, IPC […]

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Murderous Dancing

Rohit Bansal along with his friends Vineet, Sonu, Rupesh and Monu had gone to Shanghai Club, Hauz Khas in one Santro, UP-16-AM-6317 and Honda Civic, DL-7CF-4118. Around midnight, while dancing in the club, Rohit Bansal’s hand struck an individual to whom he said ‘sorry’. The individual abused and questioned; took a glass and hit. The […]

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Moral Turpitude II

“Respondent who was working with State Bank of India at Puducherry was discharged from service for an offence involving moral turpitude. Whether an offence involves moral turpitude or not depends upon the facts and the circumstances of the case. Ordinarily, the tests that can be applied for judging an offence involving moral turpitude are: a) […]

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Review of Death Penalty XIII

My Lord, Mental Illness and Crime? Post-Conviction Mental Illness? “It is well acknowledged fact throughout the world that, prisons are difficult places to be in. Piare Dusadh v. King 
Emperor, AIR 1944 FC 1 has already recognized post-conviction mental illness as a mitigating factor. It must be recognized that insanity recognized under IPC and the […]

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Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes

My Lord, Supreme Court Quotations of Sherlock Holmes? One. “After all, an ordinary purchaser is not gifted with the powers of observation of a Sherlock Holmes.” [Parle Products, (1972) 1 SCC 618] My Lord, High Court Quotations of Sherlock Holmes? Some. “It would not require the penetrating intelligence of a Sherlock Holmes to realize in […]

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