I, Eye-Witness

Md. Aziz Ali, Md. Kutub Ali, Md. Mamud Ali and Samir Ali, fast asleep in their home in the early hours of the morning, oblivious to their imminent fate, were mercilessly murdered in a barbaric manner by the armed accused, without any instigation or provocation. The incident took place at about 6.00 a.m. on 9.11.1995. […]

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Tiny Habits of Police Investigation

In a true sense, The Detective Diaries is a continuation of his first book, Murder in the City. Discerning readers will spot changes in investigative techniques. I wish you a thrilling literary journey ahead. – Rajeev Kumar, Commissioner of Police, Kolkata [20/12/2018]. _____ At various stages of writing, I have received invaluable help from colleagues, […]

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Section 193, Indian Penal Code

“This Court in Chajoo Ram, (1971) 1 SCC 774 held that the prosecution under Section 195 could be initiated only by the sanction of the Court and only if the same appears to be deliberate and conscious. The category of offences which fall under Section 195(1)(b)(i) refer to the offence of giving false evidence and […]

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#The377Debate IV: Lesbian Morality

Mary Sagarika Biswas, of sound and competent mind, was considered ‘entitled’ to ‘lead her own life as per her own choice in the matter of sexual orientation’ [Writ Petition No. 23120(W) of 2018]. It appeared from her statement recorded under Section 164, The Code of Criminal Procedure that she is a ‘lesbian’. Of course, consensual […]

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