Ratio Decidendi

My Lord, Hon’ble Justice A.P. Sen View, Paragraphs 86-87, Express Newspapers v. Union of India, (1986) 1 SCC 133 = Majority View? Yes. “We, consider it apposite to refer to The Guardians of the Poor of the West Derby Union v. The Guardians of the Poor of the Atcham, (1889) 24 QBD 117. The question […]

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Disappearance of Anik’s Ghost

FILM IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF COMMERCIAL ART: SATYAJIT RAY Despite CBFC approval, State of West Bengal & Kolkata Police obstructed Director, Anik Datta’s ‘Future Ghosts’, from being exhibited. The film was duly released in Kolkata on 15.02.2019. By the evening of 16.02.2019, without any communication from the exhibitors, the film was abruptly and suddenly […]

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Contempt Jurisdiction III

“This is not the first time that Shri Nedumpara has attempted to browbeat and insult Judges of this Court. He is in the habit of using intemperate language to achieve his ends before several Judges of the Bombay High Court. Contempt when committed in the face of the Court, Judges’ hands are not tied behind […]

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The Transformative Constitution

“The idea for this book took shape during a seminar course that I taught at NSLIU, Bengaluru in January, 2015 and the NUJS, Kolkata in June, 2016. This book advances Justice Vivian Bose’s vision of the Constitution, a vision that understood both the historical monument of framing, and the Constitution itself, as fundamentally transformative. But […]

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Review of Death Penalty XII

Something mysterious inside me silently tells, every exit is an entrance to somewhere else. “The instant case rests on circumstantial evidence. There cannot be any dispute as to the well-settled proposition that the circumstances from which the conclusion of guilt is to be drawn must or “should be” and not merely “may be” fully established. […]

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