Review of Death Penalty IV

“There is no doubt that the socio-economic factors relating to a convict should be taken into consideration for the purposes of deciding whether to award Life Sentence or Death Sentence. The consideration of socio-economic factors is tied up with another important issue and that is whether the convict has had adequate legal representation. It would […]

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En Passant II

“Reliance was placed on State of Maharashtra v. Shankar Krisanrao Khade, 2008 ALL MR (Cri) 2143. It may be mentioned, en passant, that the view of the Bombay High Court in Shankar was not accepted by this Court in Shankar Kisanrao Khade v. State of Maharashtra, (2013) 5 SCC 546 in Paragraphs 60 and 61.” – […]

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The Revival of Ray X

Recently, Hon’ble Justice Ashok Bhushan quoted 650 words of 14th Chief Justice of India, Hon’ble Justice A.N. Ray. These words are to be found in 4 Paragraphs in 2 Judgments. The style is exhibited below: “In Jagir Singh v. State of Bihar, (1976) 2 SCC 942 the Court was considering the definition of “owner” as defined in Bihar Taxation […]

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December 8, 1930

It was decided. 8 December, 1930 would be ‘Operation Simpson Day’. The journey began at 12:00 in the afternoon. Three Men sat in a taxi and headed for the Writers Building. One of them had his birthday < 50 hours ago. The last ride together. [File No. 59/19/30] 12:30. Cap, coat, tie, trousers, boots – […]

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