Pension is Not a Bounty II

“The right to property [Article 31(1)] covers the right of a public servant to receive pension [Deokinandan Prasad, (1971) 2 SCC 330; D.S. Nakara, (1983) 1 SCC 305]. Even after the repeal of Article 31(1) [The Constitution (Forty-Fourth Amendment) Act, 1978 w.e.f. 20.06.1979] the right to receive pension has been held to be a right […]

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Rebuttable Presumption II

“We are of the view that whenever the accused has questioned the financial capacity of the complainant in support of his probable defence, despite the presumption under Section 139 about the presumption of legally enforceable debt and such presumption is rebuttable, thereafter the onus shifts again on the complainant to prove his financial capacity and […]

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May & Shall

“It is not quite accurate to say that the word ‘may’, by itself, acquires the meaning of ‘must’ or ‘shall’ sometimes.” – Dharti Dhan, (1977) 2 SCC 166. “It is not to be taken that once the word ‘may’ is used, it per se would be directory. In other words, it is not merely the […]

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Monstrosity of Winnability

“When criminality enters into the grass-root level as well as at the higher levels there is a feeling that ‘monstrosity’ is likely to wither away the multitude and eventually usher in a dreadful fear that would rule supreme creating an incurable chasm in the spine of the whole citizenry” [Hon’ble Justice Dipak Misra, 05.02.2015]. In […]

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