Section 7(5) of The Arbitration Act IV

“The principle of ‘incorporation by reference’ of an Arbitration Clause, from another document or contract is a well-­established principle in Arbitration Jurisprudence [Clements v. Devon Country Insurance Committee, [1918] 1 KB 94; Macleod Ross and Co. Ltd. v. Compagnie d’ Assurances Generales L’Helvetia of St Gall, [1952] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 12 (CA)]. This principle has […]

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Retrospective v. Retroactive

“Two ­Judge Bench in State Bank’s Staff Union (Madras Circle) v. Union of India, (2005) 7 SCC 584 had occasion to examine the concept. Further in Jay Mahakali Rolling Mills v. Union of India, 2007 (12) SCC 198 following has been laid down: “Retrospective means looking backward, contemplating what is past, having reference to a […]

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Principles of Natural Justice IV

Security Clearance is Mandatory – The Cable Television Network (Amendment) Rules, 2012.  My Lord, Principle of Natural Justice, Fair Play Overlooked? “In similar circumstances, in Ex-Armymen’s Protection Services Private Limited, (2014) 5 SCC 409 the following was laid down: “What is in the ‘interest of national security’ is not a ‘question of law’. It is […]

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Principle of Parity I

“Equality means parity of treatment under parity of conditions. The rule of parity is the equal treatment of equals in equal circumstances.” – Chief Justice of India, Hon’ble Justice A.N. Ray, State of Kerala v. N.M. Thomas, AIR 1976 SC 490. “The imposition of a penalty in disciplinary proceeding lies in the sole domain of […]

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Principles of Natural Justice III

“Willie (William) Slaney v. State of Madhya Pradesh, AIR 1956 SC 116 explained the concept of ‘prejudice caused to the accused’ and held: “Trial is not vitiated unless the accused can show substantial prejudice. Some violations of the Code will be so obvious that they will speak for themselves as, for example, a refusal to give the […]

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