Non-Signatories to Arbitration II

Arbitration Agreements need not be a formal contract. Section 7(4)(b) states that an Arbitration Agreement can be derived from exchange of letters, telex, telegram or other means of communication, including through electronic means. What is required to be ascertained is the intention of the parties to refer their disputes or differences to Arbitration. The intention […]

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Per Incuriam II

“When a Court ignores the binding precedent of a Larger Bench, the Judgment so delivered is held to be per incuriam and has no precedential value. The principle of per incuriam has been developed by the English Courts in relaxation of the rule of stare decisis. In practice per incuriam is per ignoratium. See, Paragraph […]

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The Doctrine of Merger II

“In Kunhayammed, (2000) 6 SCC 359 this Court held: “The logic underlying Doctrine of Merger is that there cannot be more than one Decree or Operative Orders governing the same subject-matter at a given point of time. Doctrine of Merger is not of universal or unlimited application.” This position of law has been recently affirmed […]

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The Golden Lasso of Truth

Uncontrolled and indiscriminate entry of persons, Hindu or Muslim, from Pakistan into India or from India to Pakistan, is fraught with the possibility of espionage and sabotage. When employed for espionage, care is taken to see that he does not know who his real employers are but knows only the name of his contact man, […]

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The Doctrine of Merger I

“Doctrine of Merger would come into play as exposited in Kunhayammed, (2013) 10 SCC 655 wherein a Three-Judge Bench of this Court opined that once a Special Leave Petition has been granted, the doors of the Appellate Jurisdiction of this Court have been let open and any Order passed thereafter would be an Appellate Order […]

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Non-Signatories to Arbitration I

“The legal position as to when a Non­-Signatory to an Arbitration Agreement can be impleaded and subjected to Arbitration Proceedings is no more res integra. In the case of Chloro Controls India Private Limited, (2013) 1 SCC 641 a Three-Judge Bench of this Court opined that ordinarily, an Arbitration takes place between the persons who […]

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