The trouble with Aster was that he had no sense of proportion. But he was a good husband to Tria and an excellent father to his only daughter Rose. But Tria was at the end of her patience with her husband’s lack of practical sense. He had no ordinary common sense. He never invited his […]

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Mr. Our Very Own

I have loved writing poems since I was 6. I have 323 poems. The rest: discarded. I put out ‘something’ today I had written 13 years ago. I have proof of that time gone by. I write because I have been an artist since I was born. Sleepless I lie in the soldier’s march, Sleepless […]

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The Profane

Mr. Navtej Sarna’s Son is talented. I have had the opportunity to witness him in college. Mr. Navtej Sarna is an ‘Indian Author-Columnist, Diplomat, Indian Ambassador to the United States’. His son, Satyajit, recently published a Book of Poetry: “The Profane”. Here are a few of my favorite four lines: “But, if you believe you […]

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The Baazigar Suicide Letter

Criminal cases based on circumstantial evidence can be resolved in several ways in a work of fiction. Judges do not have that liberty. It would be in the fitness of things to assume, there is only one right way for them to interpret the ‘circumstances’. Two lovers, in love forever, alone in a stranger’s house, […]

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The AIB Contradiction

Mail received from AIB First Draft Team on Feb 19, 2016 at 10:35 PM “Hello! Thank you for applying for the first edition of AIB First Draft. We got an overwhelming response with over 3000 applicants writing in. After careful consideration and due process we have made our decision, and chosen Top 9 writers. We sincerely […]

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All India Bakchod, First Draft

AIB First Draft Writing Test Name: Rudrajyoti Nath Ray Email ID: City: New Delhi Date of Birth:05.02.1986 We are giving you five characters. A sweet old lady. A corrupt cop. A brave little girl. A good hearted dwarf. A romantic soldier. Imagine a feature film with any three as your principal characters. Write an outline […]

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In Re: Apar Gupta

Apar Gupta’s Post ______ It is easy to write about M.L. Sharma, easier to dismiss him. I invite you to fight, Apar, someone more suitable to your intelligence and passion: Mr. Ram Jethmalani. Ram Jethmalani’s interview with Karan Thapar is still not forgotten history. Mr. Jethmalani had said, “I will not do anything..but everything to defend […]

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