Sacred Games

Sacred Games, Season 1 (2018, dir. Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane) was showcased by Netflix in June, 2018. Writ Petition (Civil) 7123 of 2018 was filed  before Delhi High Court against Sacred Games soon after. One word used in Episode 4: Brahmahatya deserved correction. It remains unchanged. 09.04.2018  – Writ Petition (Civil) 7123 of 2018 was […]

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The Transformative Constitution

“The idea for this book took shape during a seminar course that I taught at NSLIU, Bengaluru in January, 2015 and the NUJS, Kolkata in June, 2016. This book advances Justice Vivian Bose’s vision of the Constitution, a vision that understood both the historical monument of framing, and the Constitution itself, as fundamentally transformative. But […]

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Fredda Brilliant Marshall

Fredda Brilliant was brilliant, indeed. Thus, her art adorns Supreme Court of India.Freda or Fredda?Dear Lord. “One afternoon the sculptress, Freda Brilliant, and her husband, Herbert Marshall, dropped in to see me. She came in with open arms, pouring out a stream of endearments. ‘Darling, darling Khushy! How are you?’ They had been to an […]

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Tiny Habits of Police Investigation

In a true sense, The Detective Diaries is a continuation of his first book, Murder in the City. Discerning readers will spot changes in investigative techniques. I wish you a thrilling literary journey ahead. – Rajeev Kumar, Commissioner of Police, Kolkata [20/12/2018]. _____ At various stages of writing, I have received invaluable help from colleagues, […]

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The Case of the Honest Prostitute

Books on Constitutional Law are on Judges, Lawyers, occasionally on Politicians. Judges are the central actors, not actual litigants / histories of the disputes. The central actor in Rohit De, A People’s Constitution, (Princeton University Press, 2018) is the citizen litigant; private interests assumes public significance. We rarely meet those who have at least, at […]

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December 8, 1930

It was decided. 8 December, 1930 would be ‘Operation Simpson Day’. The journey began at 12:00 in the afternoon. Three Men sat in a taxi and headed for the Writers Building. One of them had his birthday < 50 hours ago. The last ride together. [File No. 59/19/30] 12:30. Cap, coat, tie, trousers, boots – […]

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Appointment of a Chief Justice

The Recent Elevations to The Supreme Court of 7 Judges is interesting. None of them shall be The Chief Justice of India after Hon’ble Justice Dr. Chandrachud. Seniority is neither based on age nor on experience. It is purely accidental. The following is an extract from A.R. Antulay, Appointment of a Chief Justice, (Popular Prakashan, […]

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