The 1976 Poona

Anirban Bhattacharya, The Deadly Dozen – India’s Most Notorious Serial Killers, (Penguin, 2019) has been praised by John Abraham, Ayushmann Khurana, Kiran Rao and correctly so, possesses several Bollywood references. One has read few of the crime stories detailed. The following is an excerpt from the lesser-known territory. “The Poona of 1976 did not boast […]

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Gun Island

Amitav Ghosh, Gun Island, (Penguin, 2019) is a remarkable read. It travels through time, space and thoughts. If you do not let yourself completely in, the best bits shall go unnoticed. Like there are dreams within dreams, at Gun Island, there are stories within stories. Written simply, detailed subtly, this one is a must read. […]

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The Nature of Judicial Power: Hon’ble Justice Antonin G. Scalia

My Lord, Courts should interpret the Constitution as it would have been understood by ordinary, reasonable citizens alive at the time the Constitution was enacted or Courts should interpret the Constitution as a living organism, one meant to evolve to suit the changing needs and values of contemporary society? “The next loss for Scalia came in […]

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Mental Toughness in Sports and Life

  Patrick Anthony Howard ‘Paddy’ Upton is famous for his powers of mental conditioning and coaching sportsmen. The following is an excerpt from Paddy Upton, The Barefoot Coach, (Westland Sport, 2019). “It is worth having a conversation about the concept of ‘mental toughness’, which is currently the most overused and least understood concept in sports […]

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Sacred Games

Sacred Games, Season 1 (2018, dir. Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane) was showcased by Netflix in June, 2018. Writ Petition (Civil) 7123 of 2018 was filed  before Delhi High Court against Sacred Games soon after. One word used in Episode 4: Brahmahatya deserved correction. It remains unchanged. 09.04.2018  – Writ Petition (Civil) 7123 of 2018 was […]

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The Transformative Constitution

“The idea for this book took shape during a seminar course that I taught at NSLIU, Bengaluru in January, 2015 and the NUJS, Kolkata in June, 2016. This book advances Justice Vivian Bose’s vision of the Constitution, a vision that understood both the historical monument of framing, and the Constitution itself, as fundamentally transformative. But […]

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Fredda Brilliant Marshall

Fredda Brilliant was brilliant, indeed. Thus, her art adorns Supreme Court of India.Freda or Fredda?Dear Lord. “One afternoon the sculptress, Freda Brilliant, and her husband, Herbert Marshall, dropped in to see me. She came in with open arms, pouring out a stream of endearments. ‘Darling, darling Khushy! How are you?’ They had been to an […]

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