Ask me about any space I’ve occupied – castle, cockpit, classroom, stateroom, bedroom, palace, garden, pub – and I’ll recreate it down to the carpet tacks. Is it genetics? Trauma? Whatever the cause, my memory is my memory, it does what it does, gathers and curates as it seems fit.  August 30, 1997. They tried, […]

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Review of Death Penalty XXXVI

Prakash Nishad was charged for having committed offences punishable under Sections 376, 377, 302 and 201 of The Indian Penal Code, 1860. Trial Court convicted in connection with all offences and imposed Capital Punishment. High Court affirmed. We may point out, it is a case of circumstantial evidence. There are yawning gaps, numerous lapses. Court […]

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Further Investigation

Hasanbhai Valibhai Qureshi v. State of Gujarat, (2004) 5 SCC 347 observed, mere fact of further delay in concluding trial should not stand in way of ‘further investigation’ if it would help Court do real and substantial and effective justice. Rama Chaudhary v. State of Bihar, (2009) 6 SCC 346 held, ‘further investigation’ is continuation […]

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Referred to Larger Bench XXV Answered: Doctrine of Separability of Arbitration Agreement

Intercontinental Hotels Group (India) Private Ltd. v. Waterline Hotels Pvt. Ltd., 2022 SCC OnLine SC 83 on issue of insufficiently/incorrectly stamped documents, proceeded to appoint an Arbitrator under Section 11(6) of The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 – considering, time-sensitivity. A sufferance of stamp deficiency is a curable defect.   Arbitration Act does not specifically […]

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Fixed Term Sentences II

Vikas Chaudhary, when merely 18-19, kidnapped for ransom and killed. His grievance is with imposition of a fixed term sentence, without remission, by Trial Court. He is currently about 37-38. Learned Senior Counsel, Ms. Meenakshi Arora placed strong emphasis on Union of India v. Sriharan, (2016) 7 SCC 1 which categorically held, it was outside […]

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Principle of Parity III

In cases where illegible documents have been supplied, a grave prejudice is caused since no man can defend himself against an unknown threat. It has been brought to our notice, co-detenue, Neeraj Varshney, has already been granted relief on grounds of illegible Chinese documents. The principle of parity is squarely applicable. In cases of preventive […]

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Principles of Natural Justice IX

Rights are not absolute in a constitutional democracy. The sealed cover practice places processes by which a decision is arrived at, beyond scrutiny [Commander Amit Kumar Sharma v. Union of India, (2022) SCC OnLine SC 1570]. This case presents Court with an opportunity. State must satisfy Court, national security concerns are involved. A claim cannot […]

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Section 37 of The NDPS Act III

Court expressed in Shaheen Welfare Association v. Union of India, (2009) 2 SCC 281 when stringent provisions are enacted, curtailing provisions of bail and restricting judicial discretion, investigation and trials would be concluded swiftly. Satender Kumar Antil v. Central Bureau of Investigation (2022) 10 SCC 51 considered correct approach towards bail, with respect to several […]

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Review of Death Penalty XXXIV

Anvar, (2014) 10 SCC 472 as clarified in Arjun Panditrao Khotkar v. Kailash Kushanrao Gorantyal, (2020) 7 SCC 1 is law declared on Section 65B of The Indian Evidence Act, 1872. We deem it appropriate to eschew electronic evidence. It is clear, there is no reason to doubt guilt. Even though Sundar has committed a ghastly crime, there is possibility of […]

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SC Resolves Conflict Between NI Act & IBC

Rainbow Papers Limited sought loans from Tourism Finance Corporation of India Limited and issued post-dated cheques which stood dishonoured. Criminal Complaint was filed before Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Saket Courts, New Delhi. Neeraj Paper Agencies Limited requested initiation of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process against Rainbow Papers Limited. The scope of nature of proceedings are quite different. […]

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Drugs & Cosmetics

It was permissible for Registered Medical Practitioner-S. Athilakshmi to practice medicine when not performing her duty as an Associate Professor and Head of Dermatology Department in Government Omandurar Medical College, Chennai. Drugs Inspector sought to prosecute S. Athilakshmi under Section 18(c) of The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. S. Athilakshmi had not ‘stocked’ medicines for […]

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Air Purifier

The question would arise, whether invention claimed in ‘Air Decontamination Assembly’ [Application No. 201741016833] is no more than a workshop improvement/mere application of an old contrivance? Can it be described as a lucky accident? In opinion of this Court, subject invention is not a mere addition to a well-known combination. It has some new features […]

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Rip Van Winkle Policy

Campus Activewear Limited’s press for relief can only be decided on claim of passing off. On a comparison, it is undeniable, there are structural and phonetic similarities between ‘CAMPUS’ and ‘CAMPS’.     Rama Shankar Garg, sole proprietor of M/s. Baba Footwear, is the registered owner of the mark ‘CAMPS’. ‘CAMPS’ was accorded registration as early as […]

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