I, Eye-Witness

Md. Aziz Ali, Md. Kutub Ali, Md. Mamud Ali and Samir Ali, fast asleep in their home in the early hours of the morning, oblivious to their imminent fate, were mercilessly murdered in a barbaric manner by the armed accused, without any instigation or provocation. The incident took place at about 6.00 a.m. on 9.11.1995. […]

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Judicial – Bench Strength – Decorum / Revival of Ray XIV

Power of Judicial Review, High Court [Article 226], Supreme Court [Article 32]: Integral and Essential Feature; Basic Structure of Constitution [L. Chandra Kumar, (1997) 3 SCC 261]. Judicial Order [Ad Interim/Interim/Final] Vacated/Varied/Modified/Recalled/Reviewed by Bench of Coordinate Strength/Larger Strength or a Higher Forum. ✔ Judicial Order [Ad Interim/Interim/Final] Vacated/Varied/Modified/Recalled/Reviewed by Smaller Bench of Lesser Strength. ✘ […]

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Contempt Jurisdiction I

Contempt, Yes/No ≠ Mechanical Application of Mind [Sushila Raje Holkar, (2008) 14 SCC 392]. Contempt Jurisdiction = Four Corners of Disobeyed Order [Sudhir Vasudeva, (2014) 3 SCC 373]. Contempt Jurisdiction, Disobeyed Order = Willful Disobedience and Non-Compliance. Hon’ble Justice R. Banumathi,  Armugam v. Balakrishnan, [Civil Appeal No. 1510 of 2019].

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#The377Debate IV: Lesbian Morality

Mary Sagarika Biswas, of sound and competent mind, was considered ‘entitled’ to ‘lead her own life as per her own choice in the matter of sexual orientation’ [Writ Petition No. 23120(W) of 2018]. It appeared from her statement recorded under Section 164, The Code of Criminal Procedure that she is a ‘lesbian’. Of course, consensual […]

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Independent Bar and Independent Bench

My Lord, Backbone of Democracy? “Independent Bar and Independent Bench. To preserve the very independence, the observance of constitutional values, mutual reverence and self-respect are absolutely necessary. Lawyers must avoid corruption and collusion of any kind, false pleadings, twisting of facts. Honesty, dedication and hard work is the only source towards perfection. The hunger for […]

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