Euclid’s Theorem II

“STATUTES SHOULD BE CONSTRUED NOT AS THEOREM OF EUCLID… WORDS MUST BE CONSTRUED WITH SOME IMAGINATION OF THE PURPOSES WHICH LIE BEHIND THEM”: JUDGE LEARNED HAND. Gypsum (Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate): Natural Mineral. Gypsum Board / Drywall: Cellulosic Composite Material; Primary Raw Material = Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate + Cellulose; See, George J Venta, The Athena Sustainable […]

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The Contra Proferentem Rule IV

“The Common Law rule of construction “verba chartarum fortius accipiuntur contra proferentem” means that ambiguity in the wording of a policy is to be resolved against the party who prepared it. MacGillivray on Insurance Law [9th ed., 1997] deals with the rule of Contra Proferentem as follows: “The Contra Proferentem rule of construction arises only […]

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The Proviso

 “It needs no special emphasis to mention that provisos can serve various purposes. The normal function is to qualify something enacted therein but for the said proviso would fall within the purview of the enactment. It is in the nature of exception. Hidayatullah, J. had observed that a proviso is generally added to an enactment […]

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