Referred to Larger Bench XVIII: Arbitrability, The Transfer of Property Act

“It will be noticed that ‘validity’ of an Arbitration Agreement is apart from its ‘existence’. One moot question that therefore, arises, and which needs to be authoritatively decided by a Bench of Three Learned Judges, is whether the word ‘existence’ would include weeding-out Arbitration Clauses in agreements which indicate that the subject-matter is incapable of […]

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Section 7(5) of The Arbitration Act IV

“The principle of ‘incorporation by reference’ of an Arbitration Clause, from another document or contract is a well-­established principle in Arbitration Jurisprudence [Clements v. Devon Country Insurance Committee, [1918] 1 KB 94; Macleod Ross and Co. Ltd. v. Compagnie d’ Assurances Generales L’Helvetia of St Gall, [1952] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 12 (CA)]. This principle has […]

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Section 26 of The Arbitration Act

“Section 26 of The Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Act, 2015 has to be construed literally first, and then purposively and pragmatically. Section 26 is indeed in two parts, separate and distinct. Whereas the first part refers only to Arbitral Proceedings before an Arbitral Tribunal, the second part refers to Court Proceedings “in relation to” Arbitral […]

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