Fraudulent Decrees

“It is a settled proposition of law that a decree obtained by playing fraud on the Court is a nullity and that such a decree could be challenged at any time in any proceedings. This proposition is certainly not in dispute. Learned Counsel also placed reliance on Union of India v. Ramesh Gandhi, (2012) 1 […]

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Setting Aside Orders

“It is not open either to parties to a lis or to any third parties, to determine at their own, that an Order passed by a Court is valid or void. A party to the lis or a third party, who considers an Order passed by a Court as void or non est, must approach […]

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Filing False Affidavits

My Lord, Costs of Rs. 10 Lakhs for False/Misleading Affidavit? Yes. “A global search of cases pertaining to the filing of a false affidavit indicates that the number of such cases that are reported has shown an alarming increase in the last fifteen years as compared to the number of such cases prior to that. […]

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Unconditional Leave to Defend

My Lord, Defendant can always Defend? “In cases where the Defendant has raised a triable issue or a reasonable defence, the Defendant is entitled to ‘unconditional leave to defend’; leave is granted to defend even in cases where the Defendant upon disclosing a fact, though lacks the defence, makes a positive impression that at the […]

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Masterly Concubinage I

The Yajnavalkya Smriti classifies concubines into two types: (1) Avaruddha and (2) Bhujasya. An Avaruddha Stree operates under an injunction to stay at the master’s home whereas a Bhujasya is not kept in the house but elsewhere. There is some protection for an Avaruddha Stree in modern India. There is a presumption in favor of […]

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