Review of Death Penalty XIII

My Lord, Mental Illness and Crime? Post-Conviction Mental Illness? “It is well acknowledged fact throughout the world that, prisons are difficult places to be in. Piare Dusadh v. King 
Emperor, AIR 1944 FC 1 has already recognized post-conviction mental illness as a mitigating factor. It must be recognized that insanity recognized under IPC and the […]

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Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes

My Lord, Supreme Court Quotations of Sherlock Holmes? One. “After all, an ordinary purchaser is not gifted with the powers of observation of a Sherlock Holmes.” [Parle Products, (1972) 1 SCC 618] My Lord, High Court Quotations of Sherlock Holmes? Some. “It would not require the penetrating intelligence of a Sherlock Holmes to realize in […]

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Review of Death Penalty XII

Something mysterious inside me silently tells, every exit is an entrance to somewhere else. “The instant case rests on circumstantial evidence. There cannot be any dispute as to the well-settled proposition that the circumstances from which the conclusion of guilt is to be drawn must or “should be” and not merely “may be” fully established. […]

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Guesses & Conjectures II

“There can be no conviction on the basis of surmises and conjectures or suspicion howsoever grave it may be. Strong suspicion, strong coincidences and grave doubt cannot take the place of legal proof. The onus of the prosecution cannot be discharged by referring to very strong suspicion and existence of highly suspicious factors to inculpate […]

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Review of Death Penalty XI

“We have minutely considered and gone through the entire evidence on record, as it is a case of Capital Punishment and Death Penalty. The crime is committed with extremist brutality and the collective conscious of the society would be shocked. All the family members were done to death in a diabolical and dastardly manner. We […]

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