Review of Death Penalty X

“Accused were awarded Death Penalty by Learned Sessions Court. The High Court confirmed the Death Penalty so far as A1, A2 and A4 were concerned. The case rests on the deposition of two eye-witnesses, PW1 & PW8. Neither PW1 nor PW8 gave details about the description of the culprits – heights, hair, facial features, complexion, […]

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In Re: Death Penalty

Religion is complex; difficult to comprehend; often open to interpretation. Which religion considers death to be a penalty and which religion considers death to be an award? It can be reasonably concluded Criminal Law of India considers death to be a punishment. In recent times, there have been several Judgments of the Supreme Court of […]

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Review of Death Penalty IX

Jagdish murdered his wife and children; one wife and five children, to be precise [20.08.2005]. Trial Court – Death Sentence [24.04.2006]; High Court – Death Sentence [27.06.2006]; Supreme Court – Death Sentence [18.09.2009]; President – Death Sentence [16.07.2014]. It was argued that Jagdish has been incarcerated for almost 14 Years and Death Sentence would mean […]

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The Indo-European Extradition Treaty II

Following Hon’ble Justice Madan B. Lokur, Ministry of External Affairs corrected that India has an Extradition Treaty with Chile since 1897. Interestingly, India has an Extradition Treaty with Netherlands since 1898, with Switzerland since 1880, with Belgium since 1901. Thus, it is predictable that no fugitive, mastermind is going to flee to Chile, Netherlands, Switzerland […]

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Review of Death Penalty VIII

Accused was a 22-Year-Old B.SC. student at the time of incident, and used to impart tuitions in the town of Lahar and in the village where he used to live. He had no prior criminal history. The Trial Court awarded Death Sentence. Learned Senior Counsel Sanjay R. Hegde drew attention of the Court to the […]

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I, Eye-Witness

Md. Aziz Ali, Md. Kutub Ali, Md. Mamud Ali and Samir Ali, fast asleep in their home in the early hours of the morning, oblivious to their imminent fate, were mercilessly murdered in a barbaric manner by the armed accused, without any instigation or provocation. The incident took place at about 6.00 a.m. on 9.11.1995. […]

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