Rojer Mathew, SLP (Civil) 15804/2017

Issues of Tribunals: Unresolved. 07.05.2018 Concept of Tribunals was evolved to decongest Court System. Constitutional Role of Supreme Court obstructed. If Tribunals are given Judicial Power, they must possess Independence, Security and Capacity associated with Courts. 3 Member Urgent Committee required for Issues *(I)-(II)-(III)-(IV)*. 1/3 Members: Retired Judge of Supreme Court. 16.05.2018 Retired Judge of […]

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Courts of Record

“High Courts are Courts of Record, set up under Article 215 of The Constitution of India. It is clear that these Constitutional Courts, being Courts of Record, the jurisdiction to recall their own orders is inherent by virtue of the fact that they are Superior Courts of Record. This has been recognized in: National Sewing […]

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Beauty of NEET, 2018

Every examination must be evaluated for what it is, what it should be and not for what it was, what it could be. Primary duty is to avoid arbitrary results. Correct answers to questions presented in NEET-UG, 2018 was one of the four options offered. Bi-lingual questions were set in English with an option of […]

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Hon’ble Justice Ashok Bhushan

Hon’ble Justice Ashok Bhushan was Elevated as a Permanent Judge of the Allahabad High Court on April 24, 2001. Circa 2005 RNR: Landmark Judgments – Hallmark of Judicial Brilliance? AB: The Judges are only known by their Judgment. They cannot have their own ideologies or perspectives in contrast to Politicians. Therefore, Judgments are the only […]

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Appointment of a Chief Justice

The Recent Elevations to The Supreme Court of 7 Judges is interesting. None of them shall be The Chief Justice of India after Hon’ble Justice Dr. Chandrachud. Seniority is neither based on age nor on experience. It is purely accidental. The following is an extract from A.R. Antulay, Appointment of a Chief Justice, (Popular Prakashan, […]

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