Independent Bar and Independent Bench

My Lord, Backbone of Democracy? “Independent Bar and Independent Bench. To preserve the very independence, the observance of constitutional values, mutual reverence and self-respect are absolutely necessary. Lawyers must avoid corruption and collusion of any kind, false pleadings, twisting of facts. Honesty, dedication and hard work is the only source towards perfection. The hunger for […]

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Rojer Mathew, SLP (Civil) 15804/2017

Issues of Tribunals: Unresolved. 07.05.2018 Concept of Tribunals was evolved to decongest Court System. Constitutional Role of Supreme Court obstructed. If Tribunals are given Judicial Power, they must possess Independence, Security and Capacity associated with Courts. 3 Member Urgent Committee required for Issues *(I)-(II)-(III)-(IV)*. 1/3 Members: Retired Judge of Supreme Court. 16.05.2018 Retired Judge of […]

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Courts of Record

“High Courts are Courts of Record, set up under Article 215 of The Constitution of India. It is clear that these Constitutional Courts, being Courts of Record, the jurisdiction to recall their own orders is inherent by virtue of the fact that they are Superior Courts of Record. This has been recognized in: National Sewing […]

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