5 Lakhs for Supreme Court II

Himanshu Kumar claims to be running an NGO: Vanvasi Chetna Ashram. Himanshu’s Writ Petition relates to an alleged massacre on 17th September, 2009 and 1st October, 2009 in Gachhanpalli, Gompad and Belpocha situated in District of Dantewada, State of Chhattisgarh. An aggrieved person can only claim, offence he alleges be investigated properly. But, he has […]

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Referred to Larger Bench XXVI: Offence

The expression ‘offence’ in Section 19 of The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 would include all ‘offences’ under The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 including ‘offence’ under Section 23. In our society, victims of ‘sexual offence’ are, more often than not, treated as an ‘abettor’, if not ‘perpetrator’, even […]

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The Rules of The Game Principle VI / Recruitment of Constable, Rifleman

By a Notification dated 03/12/2011, Staff Selection Commission invited applications for recruitment of Constables (GD) in Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) such as ITBP, BSF, CISF, CRPF and SSB and of Rifleman (GD) in Assam Rifles. My Lord, Candidates who have indicated preference to a Particular Service can be kept out of consideration for appointment […]

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Contracts of Insurance V

Oriental Insurance Company Limited had insured Jaina Construction Company’s Tata Aiwa Truck [Registration No. RJ-02-098177], purchased on 31/10/2007, which was robbed by some miscreants on 04/11/2007. It may be noted, there was conflict of decisions of Two-Judge Benches of this Court. Three-Judge Bench in Gurshinder Singh v. Shriram General Insurance Company Ltd., (2020) 11 SCC […]

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The Rules of The Game Principle V / The Revival of Ray LXXIX

Judgments cited on changing ‘rules of game midway’ referred to changes in selection criteria or procedure for selection. Those cases are distinguishable from case before us. _____ An examination can only reflect current competence of an individual but not gamut of their potential, capabilities or excellence, which are also shaped by lived experiences, subsequent training […]

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The Rules of The Game Principle IV

Number of candidates was not quite large. 4270 in U.P. Public Service Commission v. Subhash Chandra Dixit, (2003) 12 SCC 70. 51524 and 5748 in preliminary and main examinations respectively in Sanjay Singh v. U.P. Public Service Commission, Allahabad, (2007) 3 SCC 720. 3000 in Mahinder Kumar v. High Court of Madhya Pradesh, (2013) 11 […]

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Compassionate Appointment IV

Learned Senior Counsel made a request to wait for a decision. “We do not consider it necessary to do so.” Only after Reference to Larger Bench in State Bank of India v. Sheo Shankar Tewari, (2019) 5 SCC 600 this Court decided Indian Bank v. Promila, (2020) 2 SCC 729; N.C. Santhosh v. State of […]

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The Rules of The Game Principle III

As was subtly recognized, State of Haryana v. Subash Chander Marwaha, (1974) 3 SCC 220, unnoticed in P.K. Ramachandra Iyer, Durgacharan Misra, Umesh Chandra Shukla, Rajendra Bhimrao Mandve and K. Manjusree, carries instructions on the Tej Prakash Pathak issue. Subash Chander Marwaha is crucial to understand the time when the ‘process of ascertaining eligibility’, before […]

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Referred to Larger Bench XII Answered: Doctrine of Relation Back in Admissions

The view, only relief which can be granted would be compensation only [Chandigarh Administration v. Jasmine Kaur, (2014) 10 SCC 521], is not good law and cannot be accepted. – Hon’ble Justice M.R. Shah [Three-Judge Bench], S. Krishna Sradha v. State of Andhra Pradesh, AIR 2020 SC 47. _____ The proposition of law which emerges […]

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K. Crenshaw has been credited for coining the term ‘intersectionality’. “Discrimination, like traffic through an intersection, may flow in one direction, and it may flow in another. If an accident happens in an intersection, it can be caused by cars traveling from any number of directions and, sometimes, from all of them. Similarly, if a […]

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Illegal Gratification II

Hakeem Khan v. State of Madhya Pradesh, (2017) 5 SCC 719 considered powers of Appellate Court for interference in cases where acquittal is recorded by Trial Court. It was held, so long as view of Trial Court can be reasonably formed, regardless of whether High Court agrees with same or not, verdict of Trial Court […]

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