Fourth Schedule Fee

Amendments made by Arbitration Amendment Act, 2019 have been somewhat a non-starter. _____ Fourth Schedule came into effect on 23.10.2015. Fourth Schedule is not applicable to International Commercial Arbitrations and where Arbitrators’ Fees are to be determined in accordance with Rules of Arbitral Institutions. _____ Arbitrator’s Fees must be fixed at inception to avoid unnecessary […]

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Bolt, Pre-Litigation Mediation

Estonia-based-Plaintiff submits, Defendants are using an identical mark ‘BOLT’ with an identical color scheme. Plaintiff: SC has held, when an urgent interim relief is being sought, suit can be filed without resorting to pre-litigation mediation. Defendants: SC has held, with effect from 20.08.2022, pre-litigation mediation under Section 12A of The Commercial Courts Act, 2015 is […]

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[Rank] Investigation III

Section 18 of The Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act, 1999 uses the expression, “not below the rank of the Superintendent of Police.” Nine-Judge Bench in Supreme Court Advocates-on-Record Association v. Union of India, (1993) 4 SCC 441 observed, “not only is the word ‘primacy’ inextricably linked up with the words ’rank’ and ‘precedence’ but […]

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Writ Against Termination of Service by Private Bodies

St. Mary’s Education Society, registered under The Madhya Pradesh Society Registrikaran Adhiniyam, 1973, runs St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School in Mhow, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. St. Mary’s Education Society and St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School are absolutely private institutions, without any aid or control of Government or any instrumentality of Government, and therefore, not a ‘State’ […]

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Pension is Not a Bounty III

Justice S. Talapatra along with Chief Justice T. Vaiphei, as Judges of High Court of Tripura on 31.10.2017, struck down Rule 3(3) of The Tripura State Civil Services (Revised Pension) Rules, 2009. At present, Justice S. Talapatra is Judge No. 3 at High Court of Orissa.   _____ When specific statistics were provided before High […]

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Referred to Larger Bench XXX: Section 12(5) of The Arbitration Act V

Three Judges, on 11.01.2021, in Union of India v. M/s. Tantia Constructions Limited, Special Leave Petition (Civil) 12670 of 2020 prima facie disagreed with Three Judges in Central Organisation for Railway Electrification v. M/s. ECI-SPIC-SMO-MCML (JV), Civil Appeal No. 9486-9487 of 2019. Three Judges, on 16.08.2022, in JSW Steel v. South Western Railway, Special Leave […]

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The Writ of Mandamus III

It is clear, a Writ of Mandamus or a direction in the nature of a Writ of Mandamus is not to be withheld, in exercise of powers of Article 226, on any technicalities. This is subject only to indispensable requirements being fulfilled. There must be a public duty. While the duty may, indeed, arise form […]

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No Bottle, Just Bottle

Plaintiffs claim, lock, stock and barrel copying by Defendant. Defendant labels both Plaintiffs and itself as pirates, sailing in high seas of prior art(s). Hipster Bottles were launched by Plaintiff No. 1 in India in May, 2019. Plaintiff No. 1 is Proprietor of Registered Design No. 306577 in terms of Section 2(1)(j) of The Designs […]

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Remains of Gunpowder

Learned Counsel for Appellant has submitted, Complainant has a close nexus with Police Department as his Father is a Retired Inspector and his Brother and Sister are also Police Officers. Appellant has also brought to notice, Complainant had registered another criminal case in which Appellant already stands acquitted. Appellant claims to be falsely implicated, owing […]

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Dauvram, for murder of Brother-Dashrath, was convicted under Section 302, IPC. In our opinion, this case will fall under Exception 1 to Section 300, IPC. K.M. Nanavati v. State of Maharashtra, 1962 Supp (1) SCR 567 interpreted Exception 1 to Section 300. For determining whether or not the provocation had temporarily deprived power of self-control, […]

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Comparative Advertising I

Marico’s grievance pertains to Dabur. It is alleged, impugned advertisements convey a clear message: Marico’s product is ineffective and useless. On behalf of Dabur it is contended, impugned advertisements are protected under Article 19(1)(a) and are legitimate, honest, truthful, well substantiated and statistically proven.   A balance has to be struck. An advertiser cannot, while […]

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Defamation in Commercial Suit

T.V. Today Network Limited, incorporated under The Companies Act, 1956, operating ‘AajTak’, ‘AajTak HD’, ‘India Today Television’ and ‘Good News TV’, submitted, Defendants Nos. 1 to 9 tarnished its reputation. The suit is not just for relief against ‘defamation’, which would certainly not constitute a ‘commercial suit’, but is one in which violation of ‘copyright’ […]

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Thika Tenancy IV

Nemai Chandra Kumar v. Mani Square Limited, 2015 (2) SCALE 657 concluded, Nemai Chandra Kumar & Ors. were “Thika Tenants” within the meaning of Section 2(5) of The Calcutta Thika Tenancy Act, 1949. It was held, “Any Structure” includes both ‘Kutcha’ (temporary) or ‘Pucca’ (permanent) Structure. Mani Square Limited’s Review Petition (Civil) No. 1483 of 2015 succeeded […]

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Burden of Proof

It is trite to refer to tenets laid down in Palermo and Vienna Conventions. There has been a consensus, acquisition-possession-use-concealing or disguising illicit origin of illegitimately obtained money to evade legal consequences would be money-laundering. However, growth of jurisprudence in this law did not stop or end…    _____ We hold, Section 24 of The […]

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