The Coparcenary Concept

“The basic concept of coparcenary is based upon common ownership by coparceners. When it remains undivided, the share of the coparcener is not certain. Nobody can claim with precision the extent of his right in the undivided property. Coparcener cannot claim any precise share as the interest in coparcenary is fluctuating. It increases and diminishes […]

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The Revival of Ray XLIX

When it comes to the penalty of blacklisting, the classic formulation of principles in regard to blacklisting have been laid down in Erusian Equipment & Chemicals Ltd. v. State of West Bengal, (1975) 1 SCC 70. “Equality of opportunity should apply to matters of public contracts. An ordinary individual can choose not to deal with […]

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No Reservations, Lebanon

A. “West German Consul said, he had received information that, similar charges had been made against Hans Muller in Lebanon and in Egypt.” – Hans Muller of Nurenburg v. Superintendent, Presidency Jail, Calcutta, AIR 1955 SC 367. B. “On 15-9-1963, he left Delhi for Beirut under the name Donze Jean Claude, a French national. It […]

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The Nature of Judicial Power: Short Tenure of Supreme Court Judges

The importance of statistical data, in interpreting careers, is often highlighted. It hides as much as it reveals. It’s not without reason Wilfred Rhodes had a Test career which lasted more than 30 years! We aren’t discussing sports, though. Hon’ble Justice P.N. Bhagwati still holds the record for the longest tenure [4905 days; DoA, 17.07.1973 […]

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The Whiff of Money

In Hindi-movies, there are quite a few library-scenes and scenes of a character reading. One may consider, When Eight Bells Toll (Alistair MacLean) in Aradhana (1969, dir. Shakti Samanta); You’ll Never Eat Lunch In This Town Again (Julia Phillips) in Khel (1992, dir. Rakesh Roshan); The Celestine Prophecy (James Redfield) in Dil To Pagal Hai […]

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Section 141, The NI Act

“S.M.S. Pharmaceuticals Ltd. v. Neeta Bhalla, (2005) 8 SCC 89 had occasion to consider the requirements of Section 141. “What is required is that the persons who are sought to be made criminally liable under Section 141 should be at the time the offence was committed, in charge of and responsible to the company for […]

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The Tenth Schedule

E.P. Royappa, (1974) 4 SCC 3 is clear that the burden of establishing mala fides is very heavily on the person who alleges it. Courts should not uphold a plea of mala fides on the basis of mere probabilities. _____ It is said, a Judge must not alter the material of which the Act is […]

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Rudra – Shiva

Shiva, who emerged from limitless pillar of fuel-less fire, is visualized sitting under the Pole Star, on a snow-capped mountain, in the shade of a banyan tree. Shiva’s holy city, Kashi, is located at a bend in the river Ganga where it turns and moves northwards instead of southwards. This reverse flow of the river […]

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“As per Concise Oxford English Dictionary (Twelfth South Asian Edition, Page 307), one of the meanings assigned to the verb ‘consume’, derived from latin ‘consumere’ (con – ‘altogether’ + sumere – ‘take out’), is ‘eat, drink or ingest – use up – (especially of a fire) completely destroy’. The noun derived from this verb is […]

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The Revival of Ray XLVIII

We may recall the Constitution Bench Judgment of this Court in Additional District Magistrate, Jabalpur v. Shivakant Shukla, (1976) 2 SCC 521 where Majority of the Judges had taken the view that after proclamation of Emergency under Article 352, no proceedings can be initiated for enforcement of right under Article 21. Justice A.N. Ray, C.J., […]

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The Magic in Masala

‘Rexona’ or ‘Reebok’ prima facie appear to be invented or coined words. They may command a higher degree of protection if there is a contest. As regards ‘Magic’/’Magical’ and ‘Masala’, the words are commonly used in the food and cosmetic industry. Therefore, neither ITC nor Nestlé can claim any monopoly. No person can appropriate common […]

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