Dr. Dang


If you live in New Delhi and if you find yourself approaching the Hauz Khas Market, you would surely notice Dr. Dang’s Lab/Dr. Dang’s Diagnostic Centre at the corner of the road. It has at least caught my attention several times.

No can one forget the face-off between Dilip Kumar and Anupam Kher in the movie Karma (dir. Subhash Ghai) – where Mr. Kher, portraying a fictional Dr. Dang, immortalized the famous lines, “Rana Vishwapratap Singh, Dr. Dang creates war!!

It has indeed been a slap. In Anirudh Kumar v. MCD, [Civil Appeal No. 8284 of 2013] SC has directed Dr. Dang’s Lab to shut shop. The conduct of MCD has been termed as ‘deplorable‘ for having ‘patronized‘ Dr. Dang. Nuisance was created ever since 1995. Two decades have gone by and the residents of the locality have finally had a small victory.