Safety and Security of Supreme Court

After the Bomb Blasts outside the Delhi High Court on 07.09.2011, a meeting was called by the then Chief Justice of India – and this Court on its Administrative Side, after deliberations with the Delhi Police, prohibited vendors to squat along the perimeter of the Supreme Court.”

After the Supreme Court compound wall, there is a road called Bhagwan Das Road. After crossing the road, there is a huge car parking and thereafter the building of Indian Law Institute and Lawyers’ Chambers are located. Within that compound of Indian Law Institute, the [Cigarettes & Refreshment] Kiosk [of Dharam Chand] is located.”

After giving our anxious consideration in the matter, although we have sympathy for the Appellant… it cannot be disputed that there are certain areas which may be required to keep free of such types of kiosks for security reasons. The Court cannot direct the Administration to allow such a kiosk…”

Merely because of the contention of the Appellant and the Respondents that after the Bomb Blasts took place in Delhi High Court compound in 2011, no such incident happened till date, it cannot be presumed that such incident will not happen in a near future. The Court cannot assume and presume that there is no threat to the safety and security of the Supreme Court and its vicinity and allow the Appellant to continue the said business.”

Hon’ble Justice M.Y. Eqbal, Dharam Chand v. NDMC, [Civil Appeal No. 5779 of 2015].