Drafting Judgments/Literary Challenges

Is there a method to this madness?


Use the following words in your decision: axe, vengeance, crusade, combat, contestation, discord, scuffle, surreptitious, Sphinx, Rome.


The present appeal, by special leave, on a summary glance may appear that a victim who might have an axe to grind against the accused, the Respondent No. 2 herein, and further to wreck his vengeance has approached this Court seeking cancellation of his bail, possibly being emboldened by the inaction of the State authorities who have chosen to maintain Sphinx like silence or decided to assume the stagnated posture of a splendid sculpture of Rome, and invigorated by the thought that he can singularly carry the crusade, without any support, for he has a cause to vindicate by valiantly exposing the legal infirmities in the order passed by the High Court admitting the 2nd Respondent to bail and also unconceal the lackadaisical attitude of the State, but on a keener scrutiny the initial impression melts away and the perversity of the order impugned gets unrolled. Be it stated, at a narrow level it may look like a combat between two individuals, but when analytical scrutiny is done and the State is compelled to wake up from its slumber, the unveiling of facts reveal the contestation between the accord and the discord, the scuffle betwixt the sacrosanctity and the majesty of law on one hand and the maladroit ingenious efforts to get the benefit by the abuse of process of the Court on the other. The analysis has to be made, that being an imperative command, between the honest nidification and the surreptitious edifice.”

 Hon’ble Justice D. Misra, Neeru Yadav v. State of Uttar Pradesh, [Criminal Appeal No.1272 of 2015].