NJAC Judgment I: Jagadish Singh Khehar J

I have heard it in the corridors, and I must tell you Hon’ble Justice J.S. Khehar. [The centre has no sides after all.] They hate your guts. The more they hate it, the more I (and others like me) love it. They even mock how you twitch your nose. Why did you at all “toy” with the idea of a Recusal? It is not a toy at all! They have made it a toy. Why did you re-do a Sahara? You need not have. Future Generations will not remember most of these Advocates. But they will remember you. For you shall be the Chief Justice of India. The last word of the CJI though, is usually lesser than 400 pages.

Your “little personal research” on the concept of Legitimate Power of Reciprocity is a masterstroke. “Paying Back the Political Executive” is not a myth. Do we not remember how Altamas Kabir CJI (as he was unfortunately then) saved the President even as Hon’ble Justice R. Gogoi, another future Chief Justice of India, dissented?

Judgment Rating – 6.5/10.

Post Script: 01.02.2016

“If at all social science research is used, it must be done in a clear and transparent manner, such that scholars and future courts are able to critique, rebut or counter the findings or assumptions used in the judgment. To his credit, this something that Justice Khehar does in the judgment.

– Vasujith Ram, JILS Blog