Ravindra Himmatrao Patil, Who?

A lot of lives changed at 2:45 AM on 28.09.2002. Ravindra Himmatrao Patil should not be forgotten.

Ravindra Patil 1

Ravindra Patil 2

Ravindra Patil 3

The evidence of Ravindra Patil is of very weak type

Still if he is considered as a partially reliable witness, then there is definitely a need for independent corroboration. In the considered view of this Court, apart from this witness there is no other witness saying, appellant/accused was in fact driving the vehicle.”


What looks natural but is not natural?

Pamela Anderson.

That is a risqué answer.

It is a risqué question.

What looks like a flower but is an octopus?



What looks like an octopus but is a flower?

Octopus Orchids from China.

Ocotpus Orchids

What does a bodyguard look like?


Police Bodyguard?

Ravindra Patil 1

Malnourished, Police Bodyguard?

Ravindra Patil 3

This one should do it. My Lord, What looks like water but is not water?

Bacardi White Rum looks like water” – Salman Salim Khan v. State of Maharashtra, [Criminal Appeal No. 572 of 2015] before BOM HC.