Judges with Colorful Lives: No. 8

In 1999, it was reported: “Ganglord Chhota Shakeel is in direct contact with a serving Additional Sessions Court Judge in Mumbai, Jaysingh Wadhu Singh.” It was alleged, the Judge had agreed to go easy on cases involving members of the Dawood or the Shakeel family. J.W. Singh was in jail for 28 months before a Special Court Judge, Abhay Thipsay ordered for Singh’s release after ruling, Bombay Police had not followed the correct procedures for tapping his telephone. The forensic experts had not conclusively been able to say if the voice on the tape was that of Singh.”

Sheela Raval, Godfathers of Crime, (Hatchette, 2015).

Special Court Judge, Abhay Thipsay? You mean, Hon’ble Justice Abhay Mahadeo Thipsay of the Bom HC. Brother of Indian Chess Grandmaster, Praveen Thipsay. He who allowed Criminal Application No. 592 of 2015.

The Applicant was on bail throughout the trial. Even after the addition of the charge of an offence punishable under Section 304 II, IPC his liberty was not disturbed. The Applicant is not likely to abscond, if released on bail. There is not even a suggestion to that effect.”

Salman Salim Khan v. State of Maharashtra, [Criminal Application No. 592 of 2015 in Criminal Appeal 572 of 2015 before The High Court of Judicature at Bombay].

There shall be further adventures to note in the judicial career of Thipsay J. We wait and watch.Thipsay