The Importance of Being Earnest II

My Lord, What is Truth?

That the preeminence of truth is the guiding star in a judicial process forming the foundation of justice had been aptly propounded by this Court in Maria Margarida Sequeira Fernandes vs. Erasmo Jack De Sequeira, (2012) 5 SCC 370. It was ruled, the entire judicial system had been created only to discern and find out the real truth and Judges at all levels have to seriously engage themselves in the journey of discovering the same. Emphasizing that the quest for truth is the mandate of law and indeed the bounden duty of Courts, it was observed that the justice system will acquire credibility only when the people will be convinced that justice is based on the foundation of the truth.

– Hon’ble Justice Amitava RoyPooja Pal v. Union of India, [Criminal Appeal No. 77 of 2016].