Lord Reid

My Lord, What is the James Scott Cumberland Reid Principle?

Rules of construction are not rules in the ordinary sense of having some binding force. They are our servants not our masters. They are aids to construction, presumptions or pointers. In each case we must look at all relevant circumstances and decide as a matter of judgment what weight to attach to any particular ‘rule’.

The said passage has been referred with approval by the Court in Utkal Contractors, (1987) 3 SCC 279.

Hon’ble Justice Dipak Misra, State of Jharkhand v. Tata Steel Ltd., [Civil Appeal No. 4285 of 2007].

Lord Reid

It would be idle to expect every provision of fact to be drafted with divine prescience and perfect clarity. Reid accepted a direct appointment to the House of Lords from Clement Attlee. The House of Lords, led by Lord Reid, dictated the Court’s role for the rest of the twentieth century and beyond.

Some other time, Lord Reid headed a Commission to draw up a Constitution for independent Malaya. The modern Malaysian Constitution has its origins in the Report of The Reid Commission, 1957.