Principles of Natural Justice II

Principles of Natural Justice, it is well settled, are not codified rules of procedure. Courts have repeatedly declined to lay down in a strait jacket, their scope and extent. The extent, the manner and the application of these Principles depends so much on the nature of jurisdiction exercised by Court or Tribunal, the nature of the inquiry undertaken and the effect of any such inquiry on the rights and obligations of those before it. The extent of the application of the Principles also depends upon the fact situation of a given case. The legal position is so well settled that we do not consider it necessary to burden this Judgment by elaborating on the subject. Reference to the decisions of this Court in Vivekanand Sethi, (2005) 5 SCC 337; S.L. Kapoor, (1980) 4 SCC 379; State of Punjab, (2004) 8 SCC 129; Karnataka SRTC, (2005) 3 SCC 409; Ravi S. Naik, (1994) Supp. (2) SCC 641 and K.L. Tripathi, (1984) 1 SCC 43 should suffice.

Hon’ble Chief Justice of India, Hon’ble Justice T.S. Thakur, Board of Control for Cricket v. Cricket Association of Bihar, [Civil Appeal No. 4235 of 2014].