Indubitably, Yatin Narendra Oza

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Yatin Narendra Oza is as an outspoken Senior Advocate. He was designated at 39. He has served as President of Gujarat High Court Advocates Association 16 times.

YNO, while contemptuously alleging that 2  judges had proximity to the Prime Minister, was “under the impression that he was making a genuine effort to protect the interest of the institution”.

Later, his apology was ‘indubitably sincere’ and the regret, ‘honest’.Indubitably

Demosthenes, the famous Greek thinker had said “articulation has to be sincere and honest”. Thus, contempt proceedings against YNO was put to a close in Khemchand & Ors., [Criminal Appeal No. 841 of 2016]. He shall “neither speak nor give any kind of interview to either electronic or print media on the subject in question“.

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