Monsters-In-Law II

A ‘domestic violence‘ within the meaning of The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 is ‘gender neutral‘; physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse and economic abuse can all be by women against other women. “Even sexual abuse may, in a given fact circumstance, be by one woman on another.” SC in Hiralal Harsora v. Kusum Harsora, [Civil Appeal No. 10084 of 2016] has struck down the words “adult male” before the word “person” in Section 2(q). The words “adult male” discriminate between persons similarly situate and far from being in tune with, are contrary to the object sought to be achieved by the 2005 Act. The rest of the Act is left intact and can be enforced to achieve the object of the legislation without the offending words. Nariman J thought it ‘interesting’ to mention that Parliament would consider this judicial reach: ‘reasonable’.