Rudespotted: Vinay Kesari

Third-Rung Lawyers [i.e., those in the age bracket of 28-37] are an active lot on Twitter. Key figures are controlling opinion on a variety of issues. It is expected some of them will turn Partners or Senior Advocates or Both, in time.

There is a benefit in knowing these men and women. For if they are indeed the future of the legal profession, this is their history being written.

In 2017, I aim to conduct a series of chat-sessions, with or without warning, with those who I have identified as important. You are welcome to bite the bait.

Vinay Kesari (@vinaykesari) recently suggested that Law Firms provide on average safer workplaces than the Bar.

The conversation would have been longer and conclusive if VK had not played his man-card and claimed safety from mansplaining.


  1. There shall always be edits.
  2. I probe the lawyer, not the law.
  3. I have not tutored these words to mean anything more than intended.