The Revival of Ray VIII

‘Two-Anna Legal Journalists obsess over presence of Khanna J. in ADM JABALPUR. A presence caused by…

Supreme Court quoted recently: Gwalior Rayon(1974) 4 SCC 98. Judgment of Judges: Khanna, Alagiriswami and Bhagwati was delivered by Khanna J. Judge K. K. Mathew gave a Separate Opinion, on behalf of A. N. Ray, CJI and himself.

My Lord, Hon’ble Justice A.K. Sikri, while citing Gwalior, in M/s. TVS Motor Company Ltd., [Civil Appeal Nos. 10560-10564 of 2018], which Judgment / Opinion did you choose?

Judge K. K. Mathew.

As already stated, this point has been expressly decided by Privy Council in Cobb & Co. Ltd. v. Kropp. We are glad to find, our conclusion that Parliament has not abdicated its legislative function, is in agreement with that reached by High Court of Gujarat.”