Beauty of NEET, 2018

Every examination must be evaluated for what it is, what it should be and not for what it was, what it could be. Primary duty is to avoid arbitrary results. Correct answers to questions presented in NEET-UG, 2018 was one of the four options offered. Bi-lingual questions were set in English with an option of an Additional Regional Language. Out of 13,23,672 Lakh Students, who appeared, 10.5 Lakh took it in English, 24 Thousand in Tamil. The High Court of Madras noticed ‘mistranslations’ in Tamil in 49 questions. The HC decided that those 24 Thousand were entitled to Grace Marks for those 49 questions, irrespective of whether they even attempted the ‘imperfectly translated’ questions. Result: 260 marks turned into 456; 137 – 333; 92 – 288; 21 – 217. Some who might have otherwise failed but for the Grace Marks scored higher than those who gave the examination in English and Other Regional Languages.

Unprecedented, Unjustified, Unsustainable, Unacceptable. Set Aside.

It had been instructed by CBSE that, “in case of ambiguity in translation of any of the questions, its English Version shall be treated as final.” This instruction was even stated in the Hall Ticket. There was no grievance whatsoever about the questions in English. 24 Thousand cannot unduly benefit for opting to give the examination in Tamil. Mistakes could have been detected and avoided.

Hon’ble Justice S.A. Bobde, The Central Board of Secondary Education v. T.K. Rangarajan, [Civil Appeal No. 11230 of 2018].


My Lord, Example of ‘Mistake’ / ‘Ambiguity’ / ‘Imperfect Translation’ / ‘Mistranslation’ ?

Q. Incorrect Example of ‘Divergent Evolution’?

Forelimbs of Man, Bat and Cheetah.

Heart of Bat, Man and Cheetah.

Eye of Octopus, Bat and Man.

Brain of Bat, Man and Cheetah.

In Tamil, ‘Cheetah’ was translated as ‘Sita’. It would have been obvious to apply common sense that Sita cannot occur in examples of Divergent Evolution. The error could have easily been answered by referring to the English Version.”

A. Eyes are an ‘Organ of Extreme Perfection’. Eyes of Humans and Octopi – Convergent Evolution. Octopi have no Blind Spot.




In Bihar Staff Selection Commission v. Arun Kumar, [Special Leave Petition (Civil) Nos. 23202-23204 of 2015] the grievance about 2 questions was justified.

Q 107. Which term comes next in the series: YEB, WFD, UHG, SKL?





A. No Correct Option.

Q. 125. Given the statement: “all windows are doors and no door is wall’…

no window is wall.

no wall is door.

some windows are walls.

A. Two Correct Options.