Gambling in Cricket I

Games played just for fun can also be played for money. Lawyers and Non-Lawyers paid ample respect and just respect to a Game developed on Indian Premier League [IPL]. An esteemed Eashan Ghosh calculated accuracy of probabilistic predictions. Mr. Ghosh, phenomenal in his Intellectual Property Law expertise, is a fair man.

‘Ramiz Baba Challenge’ Rules

‘Ramiz Baba’ Challengers must disclose their prediction for an IPL Game before the first ball is bowled. While it is discouraged as practice, predictions once entered may be modified up until that first ball is bowled. All predictions must consist of two parts: i) picking a winner and ii) confidence % in the prediction. Predictions must be whole numbers between 51% and 100%. Accuracy of probabilistic predictions shall be measured by Brier score.

Challengers have 5 ‘leaves’ that may be deployed in course of Games 1 to 60. A ‘leave’ is a non-prediction which keeps a Challenger’s score unaltered. For every non-prediction after 5 ‘leaves’, a Challenger’s score will ‘default’ to a score of 0.300. A good way of avoiding running into 0.300 trouble is to log a ‘default prediction’. Illustration: “Chasing team: 60%”, for instance is a nice, wholesome ‘default prediction’. If a Challenger fails to communicate their prediction before the first ball is bowled, that counts as a ‘leave’ or a ‘default prediction’ or a .300 score [‘default’].

Challengers have 2 ‘free hits’ that may be deployed in course of Games 1 to 56 and not at the knock-out stage [Games 57 to 60]. When deploying a ‘free hit’, a Challenger simply picks a winner along with the magic words ‘free hit’. A correct pick translates into a 0.000 score and an incorrect pick translates into a .250 score. 

Were there any more rules? Yes, of course.

After Game 21, ‘Ramiz Baba Challenge’ also involved (an additional) ‘Ramiz Baba Cup’/’Copa Del Ramiz’/’Coup De Baba’/’Coppa Ramiza’; Challengers were power-paired, March Madness Basketball style, within a section-based structure, Tennis Grand Slam style. After Game 21, I was Rank 5.


Ramiz Baba Cup’ Rules

If Challenger A opts to ‘leave’ or ‘free-hit’ and Challenger B does not, Challenger B advances to Next Round. If both Challengers opt to ‘leave’ or ‘free-hit’, both forfeit progress in Cup and Opponent, in Next Round, receives a ‘bye’.

Challengers will, for Cup Game in question, pick a winner and a confidence %, as usual. If Challenger A picks the winner correctly and Challenger B does not, Challenger A advances to Next Round. If both Challengers pick the winner correctly, Challenger with the higher confidence % advances to Next Round. If both Challengers pick the winner incorrectly, Challenger with the lower confidence % advances to Next Round. If both Challengers tie for prediction, earlier prediction wins if it is correct, and loses if it is wrong.

Challengers can place prediction for a Cup Game, only on day of Cup Game [0000 IST]. Challengers can only make one prediction. If the prediction is changed, though the changed prediction counts for ‘Ramiz Baba Challenge’, Challenger is eliminated from ‘Ramiz Baba Cup’.

‘Ramiz Baba Cup’ Games were designated well in advance. There were many who decided to concentrate on ‘Ramiz Baba Challenge’ than on ‘Ramiz Baba Cup’, to avoid distractions and complications.


After Game 30, I was Rank 1. After Game 60, IPL [2019] Final, I was Rank 13 in ‘Ramiz Baba Challenge’. There are several things to state further as concerning ‘Ramiz Baba Cup’, which I haven’t won for certain! There were slight alterations of procedure, that are best left for understanding during World Cup [2019].

‘Ramiz Baba Challenge’ is not easy. Last Year, Rank 1 had correctly picked a winner 36 times. This Year, Rank 4 & Rank 39 correctly picked a winner of 38 times. Most number of correct picks thus increased, though it did not ensure being Rank 1. Last Year, Rank 13 had .257 as his final score. This Year, Rank 13 had .237 as his final score. The competition was stiff.

All in all it’s just another brick in the wall. Dream 11 > ‘Ramiz Baba Challenge’?! We wait for reportage on our humble attempt.


My Lord, ‘Ramiz Baba Challenge’, 2020?

IPL, 2020

‘Ramiz Baba’ is a pseudonym for a NLISU, 2010 Graduate; Poker Champion. ‘Ramiz Baba Challenge’ was named ‘Percentage Sport’.


My Lord, ‘Percentage Sport’, 2021?

IPL, 2021