Operation Batla House

13.09.2008, New Delhi [Connaught Place; Karol Bagh; Greater Kailash I; India Gate;]

Bomb Explosions.

The Delhi Police claimed that the occupants of Flat No. 108 of L-18, Batla House, all students of Delhi Universities/Institutes, and all hailing from Azamgarh [UP], were the conspirators/executors of the Delhi Bomb Blasts.1.png19.09.2008, Batla House Encounter

Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma – Injured, Dead; Head Constable Balwant Singh – Injured.MCSAtif, Sajid – Killed;  Mohd. Saif – Surrendered; Shahzad Ahmed, Junaid – Escaped.

My Lord, How did Shahzad escape?

My Lord, Why did Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma take off his bullet-proof jacket?

02.02.2010, Shahzad Ahmed – Arrested

Eye-Witnesses to the Encounter, who spoke of Shahzad’s presence at Flat No. 108 of L-18, Batla House, were Police Personnel. Trial Court, accepted that Shahzad fired upon Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma and Head Constable, Balwant Singh.” – Shahzad Ahmed, 2018 Cri LJ 4020.


Batla House Encounter was from the very beginning scrutinized by several.

“Ever since the trailer of John Abraham’s ‘Batla House’ was launched, the nagging question about the authenticity of the Encounter raised its head again. Former Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar, who was No. 2 in the Operation, said that it was “definitely not fake” and hopes no cinematic liberties have been taken.”

Bollywood content has gone beyond love stories and adaptations of literature. Not all of us are following Court Judgments or Police Actions. To bring some of them to light, in movies, is commendable. The art of questioning should never cease.

Exchange of bullets may, at times, be necessary but is never prayed for. We can only dream of lawful citizens in a lawful country who never harm, let alone kill. Humanity pleads for answers.

Batla House.png