Sports and Astrology


Greenstone Lobo, Howzzat?, (Readomania, 2019) is an interesting read. It is not enough to state, Mr. Lobo, over time, has predicted several times correctly. He has been writing a regular column on sports astrology, ‘Octozone’, in a popular Indian daily, DNA, since 2008. He has also been a columnist for Anandabazar Patrika, Times of IndiaMumbai MirrorTelegraphLife Positive and Sangbad Pratidin.

An excerpt.

Planet-X is an unnamed centaur (akin to an asteroid) that lies between Saturn and Uranus. The astronomical code given by NASA to this body is 2007 RH283. Similarly, Planet-Y is also a centaur orbiting between Saturn and Uranus and the NASA number for it is 1999 JV127, while Planet-Z orbits in the same centaur belt and is numbered 2008 FC76. I consider these three bodies as the missing links in astrology.

Every time there is a major planetary phenomenon, the best in the business are born. This can be applied to any industry. For example, India’s greatest wealth creator, Reliance, was established in 1966 – the same period as the Khans. So, Reliance is the Shah Rukh Khan amongst industries. Microsoft established in early 1975 is the Hrithik Roshan or Ricky Ponting of the industry. Take a look at the next great wealth creator – Infosys – established on 2nd July 1981 – the week when MS Dhoni was born!

One of Amitabh Bachchan’s dialogues that made a lot of sense to me later in life went, ‘waqt se pehle aur kismet se zyada kisi ko kuch nahi milta.’ This forms the essence of karma. Virat Kohli is supposed to be a 1988-born. If that were true, he would be a Virgo-Libra according to my book ‘What is Your True Zodiac Sign?’. The personality traits of a Virgo-Libra surely don’t match his. I would say that his year of birth should be 1986 or 1987; Cricket Greats weren’t born in 1988. Personally, I would like to believe that Virat was born on 5th November 1986. Had Virat been born in 1988, he would have had a life and achievements similar to an Ajinkya Rahane or a Cheteshwar Pujara. In Tennis, he would have been the equivalent to, say, the 1988-born Marin Čilić or Juan Martin Del Porto. It is quite clear though Kohli is in the league of the 1986-born Rafael Nadal or Usain Bolt or maybe the 1987-born Novak Djokovic or Lionel Messi. He certainly isn’t comparable to an Agüero, a Čilić or a Del Porto. Something is wrong somewhere.

Younis Khan’s official year of birth is 1977. If that were so he would never have won the 2009 T20 World Cup (and I thought of every other team except Pakistan as the potential winner then). He announced his retirement after Pakistan won the Cup and, when asked the reason behind it, he said that he was already 34 years old and wanted a younger person to lead the team. That made him a 1975-born.

It was really painful to keep predicting more and more World Cup losses for Dhoni. After 2016 World T20 was over, it was all clear. It always is once it is over. The 1983-born Darren Sammy had won it yet again. The German captain, Phillip Lahm, a November 1983-born, won the 2014 World Cup. Darren Sammy was born just a month apart from Phillip Lahm. It is important to note here that Dhoni was born just a month apart from his Football twin, Iker Casillas. Greats come in patches. Proved yet again.

Who will win the World Cup in 2019? There is one player in the England team who has a badly placed Planet-X. It took him to the wrong side of the law once and he has already seen the worst as a result. The only blemish has now been removed and he is a free man now. Well, I’m talking about the all-rounder Ben Stokes. Overall, every member in the England looks overwhelming. Yes, England have the best chances to win.

For people interested in statistics I have something interesting. The greatest fast bowler of India, Kapil Dev, debuted for India in October 1978 – in the same month the second-best fast bowler in the country, Zaheer Khan, was born. Uncanny, isn’t it? Did any great fast bowler debut for India during the time when Jasprit Bumrah was born – in December 1993? Well, no one in India. However, this is a great patch astrologically – late 1993. Pluto was in its own house, Planet-X was in exaltation and Planet Neptune was in the deepest exaltation. Some great guy must have debuted somewhere. Yes, one man did. Glenn McGrath! One of the greatest fast bowlers debuted exactly in the same week as Jasprit Bumrah’s birth. I should say it the other way around. Bumrah was born exactly in the same week when the great McGrath debuted for Australia. That implies Jasprit will go on to acquire great stature for sure. In the years after 2021, he will become even more dangerous.   

Shreyas Iyer is going to be huge. Really huge. He has a fantabulous horoscope. He has six Planets in positions of strength – Pluto, Neptune, Planet-X, Planet-Y, Chiron and Venus. That is something.”