The Revival of Ray XXVI

Anant Mills Co. Ltd. v. State of Gujarat and Others, (1975) 2 SCC 175 considered challenge to validity of Section 406, The Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act, 1949.

The principles laid down in Anant Mills Co. Ltd. and in Seth Nand Lal, 1980 (Supp) SCC 574 have consistently been followed, for instance in (i) Vijay Prakash D. Mehta, (1988) 4 SCC 402; (ii) Shyam Kishore, (1993) 1 SCC 22; (iii) Gujarat Agro Industries Co. Ltd., (1999) 4 SCC 468; (iv) Maruti Udyog Ltd., (2000) 7 SCC 348; (v) P. Laxmi Devi, (2008) 4 SCC 720; (vi) Har Devi Asnani, (2011) 14 SCC 160; and (vii) S.E. Graphites Private Limited, (2019) SCC Online SC 842.

Anant Mills Co. Ltd. has guided subsequent decisions of this Court.”

Hon’ble Justice U.U. Lalit, M/s Tecnimont Pvt. Ltd. v. State of Punjab, [Civil Appeal No. 7358 of 2019].

My Lord, Judges in Anant Mills Co. Ltd., (1975) 2 SCC 175?

Four. Hon’ble Judges H.R. Khanna, P. Jaganmohan Reddy, P.K. Goswami. Hon’ble Chief Justice of India, Hon’ble Justice A.N. Ray.


Gujarat Agro Industries Co. Ltd., (1999) 4 SCC 468 [2-Judge Bench] followed Anant Mills Co. Ltd. v. State of Gujarat, (1975) 2 SCC 175 [4-Judge Bench].

Hon’ble Justice Hemant Gupta, ECGC Limited v. Mokul Shriram EPC JV, [I.A. No. 99210 of 2021 in Civil Appeal No. 1842 of 2021].