Purity of Character I

Shivrang Yadavrao Waghmare was appointed as a Judicial Magistrate on 01.03.1985. He was dismissed from service on 15.01.2004. The allegation was, Justice Waghmare had a ‘proximate relationship’ with a Lawyer and thus, decided favorably in favor of the Lawyer’s clients, including the Lawyer’s family when they were parties to certain proceedings. This is ‘gratification’ of a different kind. The conduct deserves no leniency.

Supreme Court has held, the first and foremost quality required in a Judge is integrity. It is therefore, necessary, Judicial Officers should possess the sterling quality of integrity. The behavior of a Judge has to be of an exacting standard, both inside and outside Court. A Judge is judged not only by his quality of Judgments but also by the quality and purity of his character. Impeccable integrity should be reflected both in public and personal life of a Judge. The standard of conduct expected of a Judge is much higher than that of an ordinary person.

See, Shivrang Yadavrao Waghmare v. State of Maharashtra, [Civil Appeal No. 7306 of 2019].