Vertical and Horizontal Reservation

I am also of the opinion that the views expressed by Rajasthan High Court, Gujarat High Court, Bombay High Court and Uttarakhand High Court, termed as ‘first view’, is the correct one and not the view expressed by Allahabad and Madhya Pradesh, called as ‘second view’. [Hon’ble Justice S. Ravindra Bhat]

Finally, we must say that the steps indicated by High Court of Gujarat in Paragraph 56 of Tamannaben Ashokbhai Desai, R/LPA No. 1910 of 2019 in R/Special Civil Application No. 18968 of 2018 contemplate the correct and appropriate procedure for considering and giving effect to both vertical and horizontal reservation. [Hon’ble Justice U.U. Lalit]

– Saurav Yadav v. State of Uttar Pradesh, [Miscellaneous Application No. 2641 of 2019].