Sacred Cows of Shadowy Doubts

Sister Abhaya was found dead on 27.03.1992 and her body was recovered from a well. She was born on 26.02.1971. Varghese Chacko was a photographer, during 1992, in Kottayam Venus Studio. He took photographs of Sister Abhaya’s dead body, as per instruction of Kottayam West Police. He noticed nail mark injuries on either side of the neck. Those injuries were easily visible in photographs which were captured using his Minolta 35-70 Zoom Lens Camera. It is stated, those injuries cannot be inflicted while the body is submerged in water or is en route towards water. It is lucid, after analyzing, injuries possess a definite characteristic of being caused to Sister Abhaya before her body was submerged.

The ‘sacred cows’ of shadowy doubts and marginal mistakes, processual or other, cannot deter Court from punishing crime where it has been sensibly and substantially brought home.”  

Narotam Singh v. State of Punjab, AIR 1978 SC 1542.

CBI, ACB, Cochin v. Father Thomas Kottoor and Sister Sephy, [SC No. 1114/2011; C.P.No. 2/2009 of CJM, Ernakulam in R.C No. 8 (S)/1993/CBI/KER].


In very, very few instances SC has complimented a photographer.

My Lord, Name One Instance?

Sriram Ramakant Vernekar (1) produced the original memory card of his Nikon D200 Camera. Sebastian D’Souza (2) told, pictures taken by him were saved.”

My Lord?

Ajmal Kasab, (2012) 9 SCC 1.