Examination of Disasters

25.03.2020 – The Disaster Management Act, 2005 was invoked in India, for the first time, to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic that was then in its initial stages of spreading. LOCKDOWNS varied in scope and nature, depending on the situation on the ground. Disasters are testing times for institutions and individuals, processes and procedures, and policies and their implementation mechanisms.

What is being claimed and prayed for under the guise of COVID-19 pandemic is nothing but a lame excuse in taking additional attempts to participate in Civil Service Examination, 2021 to be held in future.

It is within the realm of Executive to take a policy decision based on the prevailing circumstances for better administration and in meeting out the exigencies. Court is called upon to consider the validity of a policy decision only when a challenge is made that such policy decision infringes fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution or any other statutory right.

Hon’ble Justice Ajay Rastogi, Rachna v. Union of India, [Writ Petition (Civil) No. 1410 of 2020].