Only one Academy Award has ever been revoked in history of Oscars. ‘Young Americans won for Best Documentary in 1969. It was discovered, ‘Young Americans had played in a theater in October, 1967. Oscar was handed over to ‘Journey Into Self’.  


03.10.1980 – Chhabirani was gang-raped…

23.04.2002 – We are satisfied, present case is a fit case requiring our interference as High Court has failed to discharge its statutory obligations. On re-appreciation of whole of evidence, we have come to a conclusion, Birabar Mania, Babaji Mania, Baga Tanti and Madha Tanti were responsible. Trial Court rightly convicted…

Hon’ble Justice R.P. Sethi, State of Orissa, (2002) 5 SCC 323.


Bobby Islam, Director, had submitted movie ‘Chhabirani’ for consideration. Bobby Islam has challenged Final Selection List of 31st Odisha State Film Awards, 2019. 

Jury Members, Surendra Sahu [Cinematographer]-Goura Pattnaik [Lyricist]-Jitendra Mishra [Producer]-Pranab Pattnaik [Singer]-Tripura Mishra [Actress]-Adikanda Rout [Cine Journalist], are great stalwarts and nothing but highest standards of integrity and vision is expected. It was argued, ‘Chhabirani’ is unfit for family viewing.

Learned Counsel for Bobby Islam earnestly submitted, Award List published is fraught with irregularities which are blatantly unlawful and arbitrary. ‘Khushi’ is a Remake of a Korean ‘Hope’ and ‘Golmal Love’ is a Remake of Punjabi ‘Carry On Jatta’.

I have personally watched… ‘Khushi’ and ‘Golmal Love’ are heavily inspired. They have been manipulated slightly, in order evade scanner of an uncanny resemblance, and cannot be called ‘original’ from any angle. Such obvious copying is terrible. ‘Khushi’ and ‘Golmal Love’ shall not be considered. 31st Odisha State Film Awards, 2019 shall be declared afresh.

Hon’ble Justice Dr. Sanjeeb Kumar Panigrahi of Hon’ble High Court of Orissa, Bobby Islam v. State of Odisha, [Writ Petition (Civil) No. 38227 of 2021] decided on 11.01.2023.