Compensatory Jurisprudence of Constitutional Courts IV: Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati

Bl. Titus Brandsma courageously resisted Nazi ideology and died at Dachau in 1942. The Titus Brandsma Award recognizes a journalist who has made a major contribution to the struggle for human rights. Anto Akkara was conferred the Award in 2013 for having exposed the brutal persecution of Christians in India. In its Award Citation, The […]

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A Good Samaritan Law

“There is need to build confidence amongst the public to help road accident victims. Good Samaritans have the fear of legal consequences, involvement in litigation and repeated visits to police station. There is need to provide certain incentives to Good Samaritans. There is also dire need to enact a Good Samaritan Law in the country… […]

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Indian Ecclesiastical Jurisprudence

“Ecclesiastical Jurisprudence in India… revolves around the exposition of the Constitutional Guarantees under Articles 25 and 26 as made from time to time. The development of this branch of jurisprudence primarily arises out of claimed rights of religious groups and denominations to complete autonomy and the prerogative of exclusive determination of essential religious practices. A […]

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