91 Predictions

Greenstone Lobo has dedicated 91 Predictions, (Westland, 2021) to a ‘genius scientist’ who will restore Pluto’s dignity, honor and its rightful place as a Planet. The wish is to exhibit, astrology is a science and a subject worthy of attention, exploration, serious study and application.

An excerpt.

Everything comes in cycles. Indian an Western systems differ in assigning Planets to certain Zodiac Signs. The most powerful Planet is Pluto. Pluto rules entire birth-death cycle and resonates with path of rebirth-renewal-reset. Pluto is Shiva. Linda Goodman in Sun Signs had talked about three personality types of Scorpios – Eagle, Scorpion and Grey Lizard. Pluto, Ruling Planet of Scorpio, exhibits three types of manifestations as well.


Prediction #75: Shah Rukh Khan said, Aryan won’t join movies as a hero, in an interview with David Letterman. Aryan Khan has an interesting horoscope. His strong Pluto in fourth house signifies, he will be an astute businessman. His biggest career successes in life will come post-2035. One worrying factor in Aryan’s horoscope is health disorder; mind and hence emotional and psychological difficulties cannot be ruled out either. But, expect Aryan to fight this bravely. Both Aryan Khan’s and Suhana’s horoscopes reveal distress for Gauri Khan, mostly related to health or personal life.

Prediction #84, #85: Siddhant Chaturvedi made a huge impact as MC Sher in Gully Boy. It is a phenomenal horoscope. He was born just a month apart from Alia Bhatt and, if Alia can be called a superstar, then Siddhant, with same Planets in similar positions, will make it in due course. The one! However, Tara Sutaria’s horoscope undeniably looks best amongst all youngsters discussed so far.

MC Sher