Judges and Astrology I

Mysteries all around!

Here is a mnemonic:

“Downloading the disturbing Mary Kate movie clip, Kate’s Grandfather let extraordinary gentlemen – Stephen & George – justify, steadily but surely, (their) no apparent reaction. Maybe Grandpa Neville (is) shocked by public lewdity.”




Here you Go!

Downloading The Disturbing Mary Kate Movie Clip, Kate’s Grandfather Let Extraordinary Gentlemen – Stephen & George – Justify, Steadily But Surely, (their) No Apparent Reaction. Maybe Grandpa Neville (is) Shocked By Public Lewdity.”


Letter Hon’ble Justice D.O.B. Zodiac
D Dattu 03.12.1950 Sagittarius
T Thakur 04.01.1952 Capricorn
D Dave 19.11.1951 Scorpio
M Mukhopadhaya 15.03.1950 Pisces
K Khehar 28.08.1952 Virgo
M Misra 03.10.1953 Libra
C Chelameswar 23.06.1953 Cancer
K Kalifulla 23.07.1951 Cancer
G Gogoi 18.11.1954 Scorpio
L Lokur 31.12.1953 Capricorn
E Eqbal 13.02.1951 Aquarius
G Gowda 06.10.1951 Libra
S Sen 31.12.1950 Capricorn
G Ghose 28.05.1952 Gemini
J Joseph 30.11.1953 Sagittarius
S Sikri 07.03.1954 Pisces
B Bobde 24.04.1956 Taurus
S Singh 13.11.1951 Scorpio
N Nagappan 04.10.1951 Libra
A Agrawal 05.05.1953 Taurus
R Ramana 27.08.1957 Virgo
M Mishra 03.09.1955 Virgo
G Goel 07.07.1953 Cancer
N Nariman 13.08.1956 Leo
S Sapre 28.08.1954 Virgo
B Banumathi 20.07.1955 Cancer
P Pant 30.08.1952 Virgo
L Lalit 09.11.1957 Scorpio

It would be a shame if one did not know the names of all the present Honourable Supreme Court Judges. Knowing the Judge is perhaps the last refinement an Advocate can hope for. Even a cursory perusal of the table reveals so much. Sagittarian Justice Dattu always expands; Capricornian Justice Thakur always economizes; Libran Justice Misra always balances; Leo Justice Nariman always shines! ‘Always’ maybe a difficult word to digest. But viewed through the lens of astrology, you will surely know your Judge better.

Hon’ble Justice Mukhopadhaya retires in March, 2015. You can drop the Mary then.