A Review of “Red Handed: 20 Criminal Cases That Shook India”

Red Handed

The objective, authored by Souvik Bhadra and Pingal Khan and published by Rupa Publications, appeals to those who are fond of trivia. They have done well to avoid the temptation of being verbose. On the downside, it lacks the forceful, biting insight that I was hoping to find.

These facts one shall be happy to discover:

  • At pg. 9: Dhananjoy Chatterjee had Misti Doi for dinner on August 13, 2004.
  • At pg. 55: During the course of the Nitish Katara Murder Trial, Bharti Yadav was working as a staff nurse at a local hospital in United Kingdom.
  • At pg. 64: Scottish Criminal Courts can return the verdict of ‘not proven’ for lack of evidence.
  • At pg. 96: Auto Shankar had a younger brother, Auto Mohan.
  • At pg. 104: Zaheera Shaikh said once that Teesta Setalvad coerced her.
  • At pg. 131: Ted Bundy said once, “murder is not about lust and it’s not about violence; it’s about possession; when you feel the last breadth of life coming out of the woman, you look into her eyes; at the point, it’s being God.
  • At pg. 144: Sonia Gandhi was Sonia Maino before.
  • At pg. 171: Charles Sobhraj masterminded a robbery at a jewellery shop in Hotel Ashoka, New Delhi once.
  • At pg. 192: Sanjay Dutt received his first Filmfare Nomination for Best Actor for his performance in Sajaan.