Birth Certificates

“It may be recalled that owing to curial fiat, it is no longer necessary to state the name of the father in applications seeking admission of children to school, as well as for obtaining a passport for a minor child.

However, in both these cases, it may still remain necessary to furnish a birth certificate. The law is dynamic and is expected to diligently keep pace with time and the legal conundrums and enigmas it presents. There is no gainsaying that the identity of the mother is never in doubt. Accordingly, we direct that if a single parent/unwed mother applies for the issuance of a birth certificate for a child born from her womb, the authorities concerned may only require her to furnish an affidavit to this effect, and must thereupon issue the birth certificate, unless there is a Court direction to the contrary.”

– Hon’ble Justice Vikramjit Sen, ABC v. State NCT of Delhi, (2015) 10 SCC 1.