Uphaar: The Gift of Freedom

In appropriate cases, seemingly large amounts of compensation are justified. It is settled, inflation should be considered by while deciding on quantum of compensation.

In (2014) 6 SCC 173, Hon’ble Justice T.S. Thakur observed, “cynical Chalta Hai Attitude… more often than not costs society dearly in man-made tragedies. The price of Mr. Sushil Ansal’s ‘Chalta Hai Attitude’ has been pegged at Rs. 30 Crores.

That is merely 18 Crores more than what a Medically Negligent Hospital was ordered to pay in (2014) 1 SCC 384 for 1 death. Uphaar Cinema Tragedy: 59 died, never to forget 100s who were injured.

In 2011, SC refused to stay an order directing Times Global Broadcasting Co. Ltd. to deposit Rs. 20 Crores as also furnish Rs. 80 Crores in Bank Guarantees. It was a Defamation Suit filed by a Judge. Defamation Suit filed by a Retired Judge of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India for a 15 second error [(2014) 1 SCC 703]. The error lasted far longer in Uphaar Cinema Tragedy.

James Hadley Chase said once, “gold fish have no hiding place”. We shall be watching, Mr. Sushil Ansal.