Referred to Larger Bench III: The Chalta Hai Attitude

In (2014) 6 SCC 173 Hon’ble Justice Thakur spoke of the “cynical chalta hai attitude that more often than not costs the society dearly in man-made tragedies.” The man in question is Mr. Sushil Ansal.

On 07.08.2011, Mr. Ansal had his book “Brick by Brick” unveiled by no less than the Maharaja Gaj Singh of Jodhpur at a glittering ceremony held at Rambagh Palace, Jaipur. Hon’ble Justice M.R. Calla (Retd.) was the Presiding Guest.

Sushil Ansal is the man behind the Uphaar Gas Tragedy, 1997. Three years before the Judgment, he was busy rubbing shoulders with Royalty. It surely calls for some confidence to release a book. Look at that cover! The matter has not ended still. The question of the quantum of sentence awarded to Mr. Ansal stands Referred to a Larger Bench.

Is he good enough to deserve leniency? Is he bad enough to warrant stringency? It has been 18 years and there is no answer, really.

Sushil Ansal