Lawyer Profiles III: Hearing Concluded, Orders Reserved

NJAC Order, 20:11


Forget the names in the Order. Tired and boring names! I should ideally be congratulating two, and politeness invites it. This post is reserved for Mr. Prateek Chadha!  Your ‘boss’ has made some fine suggestions. I am sure I can see a bit of you in there.

GS, Collegium Submissions

My Vote: “If the successor Chief Justice of India is not one of the 4 senior-most puisne Judges, he would be made a part of the Collegium, as he should have a hand in the selection of Judges who will function during his term as a Chief Justice of India.”

If all is orderly, I do not see any successor Chief Justice not being “one of the 4 senior-most puisne Judges” in the long chain of events that are to lead from Thakur J. to Ramana J. in April, 2021.



However, when Dr. D.Y. Chandrachud J. is CJI in November, 2022 – the successor Chief Justice (Khanna J.) shall be “one of the 4 senior-most puisne Judges” only in May, 2023.