Lawyer Profiles III: Hearing Concluded, Orders Reserved

NJAC Order, 20:11


Forget names in Order. I should ideally be congratulating 2, and politeness invites it. This post is reserved for Mr. Prateek Chadha! Some fine suggestions. I am sure I can see a bit of you in there.

GS, Collegium Submissions

My Vote: “If the successor Chief Justice of India is not one of the 4 senior-most puisne Judges, he would be made a part of the Collegium, as he should have a hand in the selection of Judges who will function during his term as a Chief Justice of India.”

If all is orderly, I do not see any successor Chief Justice not being “one of the 4 senior-most puisne Judges” in the long chain of events that are to lead from Thakur J to Ramana J in April, 2021.



However, when Dr. D.Y. Chandrachud J is CJI in November, 2022 – successor Chief Justice (Khanna J) shall be “one of the 4 senior-most puisne Judges” only in May, 2023.